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August 21, 2013 3 min read



Who's ready for football season? I know we surely are here in the South! We can never get enough football around here. And nobody does football season better than us! It's a lifestyle! The excitement, the tailgating, the food, the cheering, and of course the game day attire! You can still be a fashionista and enjoy a good game of football; you just make sure your outfit matches your team's colors ;) It's so fun picking outfits that center around your favorite college or professional football team. Here at Lotus, we just received a bunch of team-colored items that are beyond perfect for game day and we are more than ready to start styling them! But how exactly do you dress for a football game? Well... Lotus is a football fashion expert and we'd like to share some tips with you!


Styling Your Game Day Attire

When the football season starts, you want to be ready for all the games that you will be attending (or cheering at from the living room couch). Don't forget your tickets, your poncho, your tailgating gear, and most importantly what you will wear!
  • The first step to getting an outfit ready for game day is to color coordinate with the team that you are supporting. Will you go with crimson and black for the University of Alabama? Purple and gold for Louisiana State University? Blue and gray for the Dallas Cowboys? It's important to show your support by wearing your team's colors. And let's face it, some of these color combinations are so fun to play with!


  • The second thing you need to think about is whether you'd like to go dressy or casual. The cool thing about football is that it doesn't really matter! I like to dress up to go to games and dress casual when I'm watching a game at  home.  When dressing up, I always go for a dress, but a cute skirt and top outfit would be darling. When dressing casual, I love to wear jeans, a great pair of boots, and cute a team colored shirt.


  • You also need to think about what accessories you will be pairing with your clothes. I personally like to wear one team color and accessorize with the other team color. For instance, since I am an LSU fan, I will often wear a purple dress with a cute gold belt or gold jewelry. Sometimes I might even wear yellow or gold shoes, which is super fun! You can make your accessories coordinate with your team's colors or you can also let them neutralize your outfit. For instance, you can wear your team's colors and have your jewelry be basic pieces like a simple watch or bracelet, a gold necklace, or cute pearl earrings. That's the fun of accessories; they're so versatile! And when it comes to football fashion, they're perfect support ;)


  • When styling an outfit, especially for an outdoor even like football, it is very important to incorporate the weather into your planning. Will it be super hot and muggy? Breezy and chilly? Snowing and cold? Rainy and humid? Plan your outfit around this to insure your comfort and ease! If it will be warm out, think about wearing a light cotton dress and cute sandals or even denim cutoffs and a light v-neck tee. Towards the end of football season when it starts to get really cold, wear scarves that compliment your game day ensemble, a neutral coat over a bright dress (team colored, of course), or color coordinated tights (I'm thinking orange dress and navy blue tights? Bold, yes, but you need to be bold when supporting your team!)


Now that we have our game day attire planned, we are more than ready for football! Bring on the food, family, friends, and fun and let's roll!

Are you ready for football?

Who's your favorite team?

Is your closet ready for game day attire?

Comment below & let's talk football fashion!


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