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August 19, 2013 3 min read

Fall is making its way to us very quickly and that means new Fall fashion! I visited the Pantone website to check out the Fall colors and I have to say I'm very excited! These colors are rich and unique! They are not your average reds, greens and yellows; they've got some funk to them! This Fall's colors are perfect for pairing, too.

Pairing 2013's Colors for Fall

I'm in love with Mykonos Blue and Turbulence! These are great Fall fashion colors. I like the Turbulence as a neutralizer and the Mykonos Blue as a color pop.  The leaves are changing to red, yellow and orange in Fall, but this color combination is as cool as a breeze!


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A perfect example of playing with colors is mixing Emerald with Mykonos Blue! Somehow two bold colors that you wouldn't normally put together can look amazing together! I'd pair a great emerald topwith a fun Mykonos Blue statement necklace; fun, flirty, bold, and fashionable!

Tips for Pairing this Fall's Colors

  • Don't be afraid of color! Some color combinations seem like bad ideas until you actually put them together, so don't be afraid to mix it up a little! I like the idea of playing with colors this Fall. I'm usually a strictly neutral color person, but these colors are so pretty I'd love to venture out and embrace them! Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at Pantone Color Institute gives great advice concerning colors for this Fall:
Start with the classic colors and the hues you really love but keep your mind open to change and try not to settle into too much color "dogma." Be creative, open and allow yourself to have as much fun with color as you did when you were a child.
  • Pick colors that compliment your skin tone. I have green eyes, so I love to wear shades of green, blue, and gray to bring out my eyes. Green also looks good with my olive skin tone. Vivacious looks great on darker skin tones. Acai would look great on someone with a light skin tone and Koi would perfectly compliment brunettes!
  • Pair bold colors with neutrals for a balanced look. If you're not so bold as to pair two bold colors together you can still add some color to your wardrobe by picking one color and pairing it with neutrals. Like we've noticed already Mykonos Blue looks great with Turbulence. The bold orange Koi could be toned down by cream accessories. Emerald would look sophisticated with black and Samba with camel would be a great combination! I personally like my tops to be more colorful and my pants or skirts to be the neutral colors. I match my accessories with my neutral bottoms. I could also see a fun colored skirt paired with a neutral top and minimal accessories. There's so many options when it comes to pairing colors!
  • Pick colors based on the occasion. Because Vivacious is a deeper pink, it is a great color for attending weddings, cocktail parties, and hanging out with the girls. Acai is a bit more serious and would be a great color to wear to work. Emerald and Koi are very playful; I'd wear those colors on a date! The color of an item is just as important as the cut and style! Color says so much, so pay attention to where you're wearing these fun bold colors!
Are you guys excited for this Fall 2013's colors? I anxious to shop for items with these awesome hues! I know for sure I will be buying lots of Emerald, Koi, and Mykonos Blue! Comment below and let us know what colors you will be buying and anymore tips for pairing Fall colors!

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