Fall Fashion Trends 2013

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I am very excited for this coming Fall season. I'm ready for cozy campfires, pumpkin spiced lattes, and cooler weather. But what I am most excited for are all of the Fall fashion trends for this year! All of my social media has been blowing up with everyone preparing for the new season and I can feel the buzz in the air. Here at Lotus we are already transitioning, mixing long sleeved tops with shorts and pulling out all of our favorite scarves! I've compiled all of the fall fashion trends I've spotted lately and I'm so excited to share them with all of you. If you're anything like me, you thrive from being in the know!  

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

From Teen Vogue- a more dressed up look for boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

The first fall fashion trend I've noticed lately are boyfriend jeans. If you haven't snagged a pair yet, you really should! They're a girl's dream- they are comfortable and relaxed but also stylish AND they can be dressed up or casual just like regular jeans! They are very flattering without having to be tight or constricting. I see a lot of them styled with v-neck t-shirts, blazers, and heels (and of course a great bag). This fall fashion trend is perfect for shopping, hanging out with the girls, working, or dare I say a date with your favorite boy!

From mystylepill.com- a casual boyfriend jean look


This Paisley Print Wrap is the perfect layering top for Fall!
 Fall is the perfect season for layering your tops- cardigans over v-neck t-shirts, chambray button downs over tank tops, sweaters, coats, and scarves! I'm definitely picking up on this as a major trend for fall fashion this year; I'm absolutely obsessing over all of the cute cardigans I'm seeing on Pinterest lately! What I love about cardigans is that you don't have to wear anything super heavy or bulky- you can just layer a top or 2 with a cardigan and remove and add as you need. This is great for everyday outfits; you can layer or de-layer as you go through your day without worrying about changing the whole look. Not to mention, you don't have to put your favorite summer tops away just yet, you can just throw cardigans over them :)
Lotus's Ice Tea Chambray Top is a great casual layering piece!

Palazzo Pants

IMG_5095 1
These Navy Printed Palazzo Pants have the perfect color combination for Fall!

Palazzo Pants made their entrance this summer, but I see them sticking around for Fall. I've been seeing solid colored long sleeve tops paired with palazzo pants and to me that is the cutest look! Palazzo pants look great on everybody and they are so flattering! They make quite a statement, too! They are also very versatile- you can add necklaces, hats, or scarves as accessories to complete the look. These pants are perfect for lunch dates or exploring cities!

A black & white pattern is great for Fall and these pants are to die for!

Repetitive Patterns


This patterned dress is a great statement look for this season!

Another Fall fashion trend I'm spotting is repetitive patterns. They are bold, fun, and can really compliment your complexion and hair tone. What's great about repetitive patterns is that they make a statement all on their own and your outfit can be fairly simple because the accent is the pattern. Patterned pieces also do not require a lot of accessories and they truly look great and flattering on everyone! You can wear a pretty patterned dress to work or school or a great patterned top out at night!

The 3/4 length sleeves on this patterned top make it a great Fall piece!Flower Print Maxi Skirt
A maxi skirt is perfect for Fall and this patterned one is amazing!
Now you all see why I'm so excited for this Fall, right? The fashion trends are so fun and bold and I'm anxious to see how everyone will look in them :) If you're interested in more Fall fashion trends, check out this article from Harper's Bazaar about the noticed trends for this season. Start pulling out your scarves, cardigans, printed dresses, and keep your palazzo pants in view because this Fall will be a great one for fashion! Hooray!

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