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June 26, 2013 2 min read

Open Back Dresses


One of our favorite things about fashion is how a style trend evolves over time and repeats again in the future. Have you ever noticed that? They say history repeats itself and this reigns true for the fashion industry as well. This makes fashion forecasting that much more interesting, as each season we get to see designers' recreations of past fashions. Seeing how they interpret an old trend and how they go about reinventing it with a fresh, new perspective and ultimately turning it into a modern-day fashion is so amazingly awesome! So here at Lotus, we like to take a look into past fashions we've written about and see how they have been reinvented or see if they have remained a top fashion that's still trending today!

Open Back Tops

 >> Then to Now: Open Back Fashion Trend <<

Summer 2013 brought the sexy backs out to play with a wide assortment of backless dress and tops styles that are still trending to this day! Summer 2018 hasn't changed much, as this fashion trend has become more socially accepted as an every day style that can be worn anytime of the year. What has evolved is the wider range of creative backless styles available in tops, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits and matching two-piece sets. From open back sweaters in fall and winter to backless dresses for holiday parties, backless styles are a must-have fashion for every season. In the above picture of tops, you can see everything from lace-up to cutout to deep-V open back styles. Below you can see how rompers are even apart of this "trend", or should we just say fashion style? 

Backless Rompers

From twist-back to crisscross styles and strappy tie back to cross back cutout styles, you can see how the creativity of open back detail has evolved throughout the years. Add a pretty lace bralette for a dainty look that's feminine and sweet. Or add some edge to your look with a strappy back bralette. Making a fashionable "back" statement is one way to leave an impression. 

Backless Sweater Tops

After reviewing the open back style throughout the last 5 years, we can conclude that this 2013 fashion trend has evolved into a 2018 modern day style! Love it or hate it? We LOVE IT! Shop our Open Back Detail Trend Collection for stylish pieces to add to your closet!

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