Creating Our Summer Fashion

Posted by Lalonie Farnell on

Me, I'm a creator Thrill is to make it up The rules I break got me a place Up on the radar

-Santigold "Creator"

This summer's fashion feels so free to me. There's something about the colors, the fits, and the attitude behind it all that feels liberating. I'm absolutely in love with it! It reminds me of the song Creator by Santigold.  We're creating our own fashion this summer. We make the rules. We don't follow the lines of structure, we don't match our prints perfectly, we don't carefully squeeze into each piece. We throw it on, we mix and match, we play with colors. We're making the radar because we're not following the rules, and we look really good doing it ;)

I love the crop tops, the high-waist denim shorts, the floppy hats, the maxi's, and the edgy jewelry. The beauty of fashion is its versatility and it's freedom, and I love how this summer is really digging into that versatility and freedom and really pushing the lines. Hands in the air for Summer 2013!

Got no need for the fancy things All the attention that it brings Tell me no, I say yes, I was chosen And I will deliver the explosion

 -Santigold "Creator"

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