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Rocking the Athleisure Fashion Trend

athleisure fashiont trend

It's BACK! No, not the Poltergeist, something much more exciting! That’s right, the phenomenon we call “Athleisure” is back! About two years ago, we saw the emergence of athletic wear worn in non-athletic settings. And celebrities like Miley Cyrus, and Kendall Jenner only intensified this trend. We saw it fade away for a few months, but now it is back in full force! And we’re not just talking the basic legging with a baggy tee... if you really want to rock this trend, you’ve got to JUMP out of your comfort zone which is totally fine since you’re already rocking gym wear! So, knock out the thought of the basic black legging or yoga pant and get ready for some fun patterns and bright colors!

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Now, we all can’t be supermodels showing off our awesome abs in the grocery store. So, even if you’re a little more conservative and want a little more coverage, there are still ways to rock this trend! All you need is a fun pair of workout pants, a cute sports jacket, and some colorful kicks and you’re good to go!

The criticism of Athleisure is that it’s just a way to wear comfy clothes all day long. But it actually goes much further than this! It’s all about balance. You’re a busy woman, who has a million things going on during the day. No one has time for a wardrobe change these days. Between going to work, going to the gym, going to the grocery store, and picking up the kids, there is no time to change outfits for every situation. Athleisure is the outfit of all trades! You can come from work to the gym, straight to the grocery store without skipping a beat and you look amazing doing it! There’s a reason this “fad” is here to stay. WE LOVE IT!

how to rock athleisure

And if you’re still not sold on whether you can pull it off or not, start out slow. With some basic colors and designs, then work your way up. These everyday looks are a great way to ease into the athleisure trend. So hit up your nearest sports store, or even local boutique and mix and match your way into a more beautiful, balanced life.

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