Lotus Girl Make-Up Tips and Tricks

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Lotus Girl Make-Up Tips and Tricks

One thing I’ve noticed that is a constant among our Lotus family is flawless make-up! Whether it’s Lotus Girls or our customers (young and old). The ladies adorn nicely filled-in arched brows, bold lips, a bronzed glow, and big beachy waves that perfectly frame the face! Our make-up and hair is just as important as the clothing we sell because it makes a statement about us before we even get a chance to speak. Our individual expression through make-up really helps pull together the “Lotus Look”.

perfect beachy waves

Eye brows are a really important part of a person’s make-up routine because they frame the face. Bold brows have gained popularity in recent years due to artist sharing their work on social media, boosting sales for companies such as Anastasia (Beverly Hills). Their brow pomade is perfect for filling in even the sparsest of brows!


Eyes set the mood for the type of message you want to convey. A woman looking to enhance the color of her baby blues might sport a deep brown smoky eye, giving the allusion that she’s awake and ready for a night out on the town. Or the same woman could even go subtle, with neutral colors and winged liner, seeming all natural and fresh faced. Urban Decay and Too Faced are brands perfect for any style you choose, with many different color pallets to select.


Lip color adds warmth to a bare face for the days that you want to go for a more natural look. A common misconception is that you cannot have a bold lip if you have bold eye make-up as well. This simply is not true! Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Matte and liquid lipsticks are all the rage. I would suggest MAC cosmetics and NYX to any lipstick fanatic out there. They have a wide array of glossy, matte, liquid, and long lasting products.


Bronzing and contouring add color to your face and is an important part of your daily routine especially for the winter months. When everything else seems dull and colorless as the summer tans and highlights wear away we suggest Smashbox and Make Up Forver. They have powders, liquids, pallets and sticks! Everything you need to add just a touch of color and warmth to your skin. A highlighting technique that has gained some recent popularity is “strobing”. It’s a wet look for the face that involves less contouring and more highlighting. I believe this will be perfect for the summer, as it makes your skin look dewy and refreshed!


When customers and employees come in we always share tips and tricks on ways we can better develop our skill and sense of style when it comes to playing with makeup because it’s something we all share in common, and is vital in completing the “Lotus Look”. Make up is a unique way to convey a message about how we feel that day, and that is what fashion is all about. Part of being a fashionista is having the ability to remain an individual.


Tiffany Huynh

Lotus Boutique Patton Creek


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