Kanye West 2016 Collection NYFW

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Kanye West at New York Fashion Week

kanye west collection 2016 new york fashion week

Kanye West started his second season at New York Fashion Week just last week. His line brought a lot of attention to everyone’s eyes; his vision for fashion is one of kind. It’s hard enough to be a father, husband, and rapper, but now he's also a fashion designer! Everyone knew that Kanye always dressed to the nines in the best designers, but no one really ever expected him to bring out his inner designer skills.

Kanye is new to the fashion industry and has brought a lot of attention to his personal and now business life. He has created a look for an everyday affair that can totally be dressed to impress. His choices of color schemes were soft and intense. He chose colors like tan, beige, black, brown, olive green, and a rusty red/orange; all colors that can be worn any hour of the day and/or at any season. His designs met the eye of today’s fashion. The look that he has created is one the hottest trends right now. It’s a casual/homey look. One of my favorite pieces is the charcoal sweatshirt with holes scattered in an unusual pattern. It creates a look that can be worn around the house, over a swimsuit (just in time for the warmer weather coming up), or with a pair of any color leather leggings to dress up this cute holey sweatshirt.

kanye west fashion show

Kanye also did something else that caught my eye. While still using trendy fashion he accessorized multiple outfits with baseball caps. He used basic colors that contrasted well with the outfits. He also accessorized the less clothed outfits with an oversized jacket. While still keeping the outfit nice and fitted to show the models figures he just added a nice piece of oversized clothing that is also very trendy.

While Kanye is doing his best being a dad, husband, rapper and designer; he’s also doing a good job at being a brother in-law to Kim’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner. This is the second year he asked her to model in his fashion show in NYC. It’s a big risk being that Kylie is not a model. But, as amazing as Kylie did last season he had to have her back. The two pictures below compare Kylie’s runway moment from 2015 to 2016. In my opinion Kylie looked way better showing her face and legs off in Kanye’s fashion show in 2015. Although, Kanye was trying to go for a new look so the ball cap did her right by looking casual as it did the other models.

2015 NYFW

kylie jenner nyfw 2015


2016 NYFWkylie jenner 2016 nyfw


While many people are wondering how Kendall Jenner feels about the situation of Kanye asking Kylie but not Kendall, that’s the Jenner’s last problem. Kendall Jenner was nothing short of proud of Kylie for getting a chance to experience the modeling industry and Kylie has got a lot of fame from just these fashion shows. Kendall is a model, she gets called all of the time for model gigs and she understands that that didn’t happen to Kylie. These sisters are nothing but supportive of the decisions each of them make.

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