Pantone 2016: So Much More than a Color

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Rose Quartz and Serenity... Much More than a Color

This quote by Leatricere Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, says it best:

pantone rose quartz and serenity quote

How can you argue with that?  We feel nothing less than bliss when we combine these beautiful hues to make the perfect looks.  Below are some beautiful ways you can style them on your own.

How to Rock Rose Quartz and Serenity:

pantone 2016 color of the year

Where do we start with these beautiful tones?  It's time to pull out all of the girly stops and get in touch with our feminine side with rose quartz and serenity. There are plenty of ways we use these tones in  traditional ways, but who is with us when we say “Out with the old, in with the new!”?  Here are some stunning ways you can make your rose quartz and serenity Pantone colors edgy and totally you!


Dare to Hair: 


rose quartz and serenity hair

rose quartz hairblonde and pink hair

blue and gray hair

Let’s get funky!  Temporary hair color can take your look to a brand new level; add in pieces of rose quartz or serenity or you can even have your entire crowning glory shining for the whole world to see! We love the idea of mixing serenity and rose quartz into your hair to really make a bold statement!


The Perfect Nail:

ombre pink and blue nails

Traditional pinks are great, but step it up a notch and try a great ombre effect, blending the girliness of rose quartz and the perfect pop of blue with serenity! Check out the video above to learn how to rock your own rose quartz serenity blend nail polish!


Accessorize It:

pink feather necklace

This pendant feather necklace is perfect if you want to incorporate a girly tone into your wardrobe without going completely statement!  We love this feather necklace so much… we’ll take three!

tropical printed scarf

On the go girls need a quick pop of color to really set their wardrobe off, and this beautiful rose quartz and serenity print scarf features a beautiful palm print and light weight sheer material! Get yours today before they're gone!


Top It Off:

pink and oatmeal striped top

This tee is completely cool with a warm tone of rose quartz!  Wear it tied up with your leather skirt and a pair of great booties for the best of both worlds!  If you haven’t snagged yours yet, there’s still time (and a few in stock!)

blue tie dye tunic dress

Hitting the beach (or just dreaming of it?), pop on this beautiful and comfortable tie dye dress and go for it!  We are completely OBSESSED with this get-up! Pair this with that perfect rose quartz touch and you’ll be all the rage! 


Put A Lip On It:

serenity lipstick


pantone color of the year


pantone universe rose quartz lipstick

Did someone shout, “Cool for the summer”?  Thanks for the idea, Demi!  This lip may be a bold trend to follow, but try going light on the eyes and work that serenity shade out. 


Now, use those perfectly polished fingers to order your very own color of the year pieces and make them totally you!  Happy shopping!


Amanda Ceman

Lotus Boutique Ashley Park

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Loving the colors for 2016! Both are so perfect how could they have possible only chosen 1? I love love love the hair and nail ideas for rose quartz and serenity! Definitely trying out the nails tonight!

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