Flashback Fashion Trends: 2010-2016

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fashion trends through the years

Flashback Style: 2010-2016

Fashion has a way of re-inventing itself with different patterns, silhouettes, and textures. Our favorite part about the fashion industry is seeing trends come and go! Continue reading below to see how style has transformed from 2010 all the way to 2016!

2010 Fashion Trends: Skinny Jeans and Leather

In 2010, the skinny jeans were in and still are! Ladies were collecting all washes and colors. During this era, we were obsessing over the grungy-edgy-yet-chic style. We would pair our basic tees or graphic tees with a leather jacket.

skinny jeans and leather jacket


2011 Fashion Trends: High Low Dresses

2011 was the year of high low dresses which is also a trend that is consistently seen with our popular tops at Lotus today. The girls would wear the dresses in bright colors and patterns to showcase sass and personality. This piece would be paired with your favorite denim shirt for a cute day look and a leather jacket (that we clearly purchased in 2010) to pair for your perfect night look. My favorite thing to do was to pair some wedges with my hi-low dress to elongate my legs.

yellow high low dress


2012 Fashion Trends: Military Jackets

Beginning in 2012 we were still into the layering military jackets with dresses, but this time we went for the more clinging and daring pieces. We would pair our midi skirts and dresses with our cute military jackets and some vans or chucks; one of many effortless outfits in 2012. We would also pair our military jackets with some cute skinnies and rider boots.

military jacket street style


2013 Fashion Trends: Chevron and Bow Back

Our southern college girls were obsessing in 2013 over chevron prints and bow backs. These prints and accents on outfits were automatically top sellers with Lotus. They were essential to game day wear or simple church dresses.

orange and pink chevron bow back dress


2014 Fashion Trends: Palazzo Pants

2014 was all about palazzo pants. With this cute look you get the best of both worlds. You can walk out of the door feeling stylish yet comfortable at the same time. Once a girl hears stylish and comfortable in one sentence, you know she will automatically be hooked. This trend was super fun for girls because of the variety of colors and patterns the pants came in. Palazzo pants will be a trend that girls will always want to keep in their closet.

cute palazzo pants


2015 Fashion Trends: Boho Style

As we entered into 2015, the 70’s started coming back into our closets. Boho styles, flare jeans, and tie dye was all the rage. What girl doesn’t love tie dye? It’s effortless and fashionable at the same time. Who would have ever thought that we would start to move away from skinny jeans? Don’t get me wrong I am still seriously in love with any skinny pair of jeans, but once the flare jean started to come back, I couldn’t be more obsessed. Pair them with a cute pair of wedges and you are good to go. Girls are loving the Boho look because it is so simple to style. Throw on one of our floppy hats, a crop top, and your new flare jeans and you are set.


flare jeans boho style

2016 Fashion Trends: Lace Up Everything

One trend that we are seeing at Lotus in 2016 is lace up dresses, tops, and shoes. This trend is so popular because it adds something a little sexy without being too revealing. Whether it’s a cute bootie or a sandal, girls love shoes that lace up. Lotus can’t wait to see what the rest of 2016 has in store for fashion!

lace up heels trend




As you can see, style from 2010 has evolved over the past several years and we are excited to see where it heads next! We are loving the lace up trend in 2016! What are your favorite trends right now? Comment below and let us know! 


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lace up shoes are my JAM!!! I loved the leather jacket and military jacket theme and I think I am stuck in them sometimes! I love that fashion is always changing but STYLE is forever. sometimes the classics just have to stay with me!!! I mean, who can really let go of a good leather jacket? #NotMe #obsessed

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