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March 24, 2016 2 min read

wearing white after labor day

The old saying goes, No White After Labor Day .....

I think this saying has been thrown out of the window a long time ago in the fashion world. After all, rules are meant to be broken, right!?  White Jeans are a classic and versatile look for all seasons.

In the fall/winter seasons, they can be transitioned from the lighter months by adding in and using warm colors (shades of brown, burgundy, dark greens), luxe leathers, and fuzzy sweaters.Wearing white jeans with layered neutral colored knits along with a great pair of ankle boots is an easy way to transition, as well. White jeans in the later months can also give a fresh look to over-sized tunic sweaters and cozy flannels.

In the early months, like spring and summer, a crisp white jean can be put together with soft pastels and strappy sandals or heels to bring the eyes to the feet. Another popular, and more casual day-time look, is pairing them with striped shirts and a light washed denim jacket with flats or a white sneaker. This look is perfect for lunch with girlfriends or out running weekend errands.

white jeans in summer

White jeans work well with bright and vibrant tops and chunky wedges, too. Personally, I think white jeans can give a sleek and more professional look when matched with a graphic print top and a solid blazer over the top, such as gray or navy, with a softer more neutral shoe.

white jeans and bright top

White on white is a very classic look and when combined with a bright colored handbag or accessories the outfit really pops and makes you stand out. This is a fun look especially for the summer months. When doing an ALL white on white look, using a variety of textures and styles/cuts will make the look stand out more. White can also be paired with black shoes and a black top, using gray accents to tie the look together and soften the two opposite colors up.

white on white jeans

Now, how do you know which style of white jeans will work for you and your specific body type? A slim boyfriend or mid-rise ankle length jean is a faultless pick for petite sizes. High waisted or flared bottoms will be too overwhelming for small framed women. For more curvy pear-shaped body types high waisted flares ARE the perfect match. For those who have an apple body shape, the go-to pant is a mid-rise and narrow leg shape. Full-figured women should go for pants with a stretch material and avoid light fabrics.

Check out this blog post on which jeans match your body style!


The “rule” may suggest that wearing white after Labor Day is “wrong”, but after finding your perfect fit and when put together with the right pieces of clothing and accessories; they can be worn all year around! White jeans are such a fun staple to have in anyone and everyone’s wardrobe.

You can check out our selection of high waist, skinny, and holy jeans to find your perfect new pair! 

cute bell bottom jeans


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