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A-Z Travel Tips

When you're traveling sometimes just the stress of trying to remember everything is enough to dull your excitement! Check out our A-Z Travel Tips to ensure you're ready for your next trip, and don't forget to stop into Lotus to get your travel wardrobe!



Ask questions! Never start a vacation without knowing absolutely everything about where you are going!

Be early at the airport! There’s nothing worse than missing a flight because you were late. It’s always good to be early to anywhere.

Check travel requirements. Some people are unaware of what you can and cannot travel with. For example, you can only travel with a certain number of liquids. It’s easier just to save the hassle and buys your liquids when you land.

Don’t forget your I.D. and your passport. It’s more important than your luggage. Without these two things you will be unable to fly out of country. If you’re staying within the U.S. all you should need is your I.D. but its better safe than sorry to carry both at all times while traveling.

Enjoy and have fun! Traveling can be such a hassle if you continue to stay stressed and unhappy. So leave all the stress at home and have fun!

Follow instructions, whether it’s in the airport or on the plane. Always be listening for your flight number in the airport because flights can change or get delayed.

Get in touch with your bank! Let them know you will be out of town and for how long. If you don’t do this they could make it where you are unable to get money while you are traveling.

Have backups, whether it’s a backup plan or a backup pair of shoes. Always be prepared for the unexpected to happen.

Include yourself in activities with different cultures.

Just smile and nod your head when you can’t understand a different language!!

Know what to bring wherever you are going. Some climates are different all over the world so make sure to check the weather and know what to expect.

Leave extra stuff at home. Most people over pack and don’t even wear half of what they packed. Save space and plan your outfits ahead of time so there’s no mess of clothes you know you won’t wear.

Make time for yourself. Do something that interests you. Some people have to travel just on business but make sure to schedule in something that you enjoy while you're there.

Only check a bag if you absolute have to! A lot of times you can "check" your bag right before you board the plan and save yourself the bag check fee!

Prepare for the best and the worst. You never know what could happen so always be prepared for anything.

Quit overthinking; rest and have a nap on the flight. You are traveling so make it an enjoyable time!

Rest but don’t oversleep. Jet lag is the worst so make sure to know the time difference between the two destinations to make sure you are sleeping the right amount of time before you depart.

Stay safe! Always try to stay in a public area if you are traveling solo!

Travel light, don’t wear heavy clothes or jackets, it’s a hassle on the plane.

Universal chargers are very important if you plan on have a phone, computer, and hair dryer, etc. while out of the country. Be sure to look up what the country you are going to see if they have a certain type of outlet.

Venture out, do things you wouldn’t normally do at home.

Xtra money! Make sure to save up for your trip so that you aren't stressed out about how you're going to eat, cab/bus fare, etc. Saving even a couple hundred dollars for your trip will go along way in relieving stress on your trip!

Yearly. Try to travel yearly, it’s important to have some off time to yourself and enjoy life.

Zzzz! Sleep. It’s important to get as much as you can done in one day while you are traveling but don’t overdo it!


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