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April 01, 2016 3 min read

how to dress boho chic

How to Style Boho Chic the Lotus Way

Is Boho Chic your thing? Do you love looking at those flowy dresses and garments and just day dream about it? Are you looking for inspiration on how to dress? No matter what your reason we are here to give you the best ideas to complete your very own unique style of the perfect boho chic look.

In 3 words “Boho Chic” is perfectly explained as dreamy, utopian, and carefree. When thinking about a bohemian outfit you think running down an empty plain with thousands of lilies in a very detailed, flowy dress. And of course it can be rainy or sunny that’s the good thing about boho chic. So here are a couple of ideas to complete the very best “Boho Chic” outfit!


It’s all about the arm candy ladies. A boho chic girl never leaves the house without her bangles or weird individualistic bracelets. The trendy bracelets now are the beaded bracelets with tassels or springy colors or even fall colors.

Another stylish arm bracelet is the bangle who doesn’t love a big, jeweled bracelet, whose trim is rustic? When you’re wearing your stylish maxi dress or maybe even your favorite romper that arm candy can stop many and strike the eye of people every day. So mix it up and double up on that arm candy ladies!

boho bracelets

Check Out this Cute Jewelry Blog for More Inspo!


So you should know by now that bohemian style has a need for jewelry, especially necklaces. We “boho chic” girls are like gypsies so we need to do it up from head to toe. When picking out the perfect necklace the number 1 go to necklace would have to be the original long necklace with a simple stone or tassel attached. The reason is simply because they go with absolutely EVERYTHING.

Now to top this off you just need to layer, layer, and layer!! A boho girl is Trendy of course so a choker or even a collar bone necklace would accentuate the outfit making it stand out more, which is want you want! These layered necklaces are perfect for a flared jean outfit with a flowy, neutral color shirt. Remember to make it your own ladies!

boho feather necklace

Touch of Gold Feather Necklace - $22.80


THE PANTS!! If you’re aspiring to have the right “boho chic” look then you know that boho girls are all about the flair, fringe and prints. The best thing about printed pants is that you can make your outfit your own by keeping it casual or dressing it all the way up, and of course adding the arm candy and necklaces!

boho matching set

The Boho Tribe Matching Set - Top: $29.50 / Pants: $33

boho chic outfit 

Hipster Story Matching Set - Top: $28 / Skirt: $31


The last important steps on how to manage this boho chic look is to have a rustic or neutral color dress with tons of details. Dressesin this boho world are simply everything. It’s the whole imaginary life of running down a field full of lilies and hot air!! Boho is all about fringe or even layers of different fabric; that’s the beauty of a boho world.

boho printed dress

Oh the Tassels Boho Dress - $38

Who doesn’t love a nice comfortable romper that’s of course boho themed? Where can you go wrong? If you have your bangles and necklaces then a fabulous rustic or print romper is all you need to complete the look! Rompers are great to add bralettes and flash tats to this season as well. You can even add a cute head band accessory or a flower crown to your look to take it up a notch. The boho chic life has no end, and it’s the perfect Utopian society. Lots of fields or an old sidewalk make the perfect photo-shoot opportunity and with some very cute accessories you can express your own individual boho chic style!

white lace bralette

Bralettes: $10-$29

print boho romper

First Place Medallion Boho Romper - $42


-Lotus Boutique Patton Creek

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