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April 03, 2016 3 min read

A Girl's Guide to Surviving Wedding Season

wedding survival guide

It’s almost that time of year again where the birds start chirping, the flowers start blooming, and the brides start posting on Instagram every hour of every day. Wedding Season is heading our way! The lace, the tulle, the makeup, the dresses; it’s what every girl dreams of, but you also have the expenses, the endless shopping trips, the wardrobe malfunctions and the creepy groomsman. Of course, though, celebrating the love and happiness of your closest friends always outweighs the bad. Just hope for the best, but prepare for the worst…like when you’re too busy tearing up the dance floor to notice that your sticky bra is on the floor... one word: TAPE!

1. What to Wear

  • First things first, for all of the non-brides out there: DO NOT WEAR WHITE! Or any color that could even be mistaken for white. It may seem old fashioned but this rule is here to stay! It’s a huge insult to the bride. It’s her day, let her have it and save that gorgeous white dress you bought for next Sunday’s brunch instead. A short dress with a fun flowy skirt is a must for those bridal showers.

yellow fit and flare dress


Yellow Happiness Fit and Flare Dress - $48

  • For all of the brides out there, rock those white dresses whenever you can! Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, luncheons… you have full power to wear white to them all, if you wish. 

little white dress


Nothing Is Better White Dress - $48

Avoid the white, but make sure to wear something that makes you feel special. It’s a joyous, celebratory occasion and you should wear something that makes you feel just as good! If you have multiple weddings to go to, don’t break the bank on just one dress. Find some less expensive options so you don’t have to keep recycling your one dress that cost an arm and a leg. Also, be sure to bring a change of shoes. We all love our 4 inch stilettos.... well, everyone except our feet. But if you know you can’t handle them through hours of dancing, pack a pair of flats in your purse. We promise no one will judge you for chucking the stilettos. If anything, they’ll sympathize with your pain. And while you’re throwing things in your handy dandy bag of goodies, throw an emergency kit in there with items that would come in handy for {hint, hint} emergencies! Have a kit with a tide to go pen, lipstick, aspirin, face powder, deodorant, tissues, tampons, double sided tape, and whatever else would help solve your party crises.

Check out this list of wedding emergency kit must-haves! It'll be sure to get you through the night seamlessly!


And don’t forget you’re at a wedding, not a frat party, so have those manners that grandma taught you out in full force! "Please" and "thank you" will always go a long way. There are sure to be grandparents and great grandparents there so make sure to keep your inner party girl semi-tamed. Have fun of course, but maybe leave the shots for the bars.  Too much alcohol is a sure fire starter for drama and that’s one thing that should never be present at a wedding. Everyone should go home that night saying “What a fun evening!”

Happy Wedding Season!



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