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April 04, 2016 2 min read

Kylie Jenner: Our Favorite It Girl

kylie cosmetics

Kylie Jenner is not a name that people question. From seeing her on her families reality TV show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to creating her own success with her own creations we have basically seen her grow up. Her appearance has definitely changed quite a bit from plastic surgeries and lip injections, but we all know if we had the money this young superstar has we’d probably be making a few changes ourselves.

Kylie’s app is one of the most popular apps on iTunes right now. She gives tips and tricks on how to achieve her looks without going broke in the bank. She communicates with her fans in a way no other star does. We get to go on a journey with her as she grows, and she shows what foods she likes and even how to apply makeup.

Kylie’s most recent success is her new brand Kylie’s Cosmetics. Right now her lipkits are on the top of every makeup lover’s wish list. Starting at only $29 her lipkits come with a matte lip liner and a liquid lipstick which dries to a matte finish. She started out with just three colors and now has expanded to EIGHT! Her eighth color will be released on March 21st. It appears to be a violet purple color that fans are already obsessing over.

With all of her lipkit success going on she has also made another accomplishment! She has just released a new 20-piece nail polish collection with three release dates including February, April, and May. Kylie paired with sinful nails with this collaboration and is not just the Face of her product but she has put a great deal of effort into all of her nail colors. Just like her lipkits she named her polishes with unique names that she is able to relate to. AND each polish is ONLY 2.99!!!

While her app does cost $2.99/mo. it has so much to offer if you’re into beauty and fashion trends! She even comes on “live” and you’ll get a notification and you can see just what she is doing right there in that moment! No other celebrity has gone this far into interacting with their fans like Kylie does. She truly does care about her fans and she knows that they love what she wears and just offers tips on how to achieve them!

Though, it is not all about beauty and fashion. You can still see what she does in everyday life, or see what her favorite burger joint is. The variety of things you can on this app is so unreal. By one click you’ll be able to step into Kylie Jenner’s life!

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One thing that we absolutely love about Kylie Jenner is her effortless style! You can steal her look below:

kylie jenner style



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