Matchy Matchy: The Trend

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Summer 2016 Trend: Matching Sets

matching twin sets

Let’s talk about matching sets. Do you have a set? Do you want a set? Lotus Boutique has got you covered when it comes to this Spring/Summer 2016 trend. We have been stalking a few celebrities to see how they are styling this trend. We have seen everything from matching shorts and tops, matching skirts and top, and matching pants and tops! How will  you be wearing the trend this season?

Matchy Matchy: The Trend

First of all, let us get some inspiration from the queen of the matching sets: Miss Taylor Swift. Paparazzi have caught Swift on numerous occasions rocking one of her famous matching sets. She has a white one that is very similar to one of the matching sets that we have in store right now! White on white is so cute for the spring. She has also been spotted in a lot of pretty floral matching sets. These seem to be her favorite. We can not tell you how many times we have spotted her in a floral matching set. Last, but not least, she has been seen wearing a few of solid colored or striped matching sets. If Taylor Swift is wearing them, they must be the hottest thing since sliced bread!

taylor swift matching set

Matching sets are not by any means new to the fashion world! Matching sets were known for being a trendy look for that modern girl in the 1960s. Twiggy for sure had a few matching sets sitting in her closet! We have conjured up a few matching sets from the 1960s for a little nostaglic inspiration. How sweet do they look? Since then, matching sets have been an on and off again fashion trend. You know the saying, what goes around comes around. We love when fashion trends from the olden years make their way to current day trends.

twiggy matching set

1960s gingham matching set



We currently have a few great matching sets in store at Lotus Boutique. We’ve gathered our three favorites from our shipment. We really love the stripes this season! We have two really cute striped matching sets in store right now. We have the Coming Together Taupe and Ivory matching set. It is a ¾ length sleeved crop top paired with a below the knee bodycon pencil skirt. Let us just tell you,  it is to die for! Everyone who tries it on loves it! We also have the Black and White striped matching set that is perfect for a fun day in the sun.  It is a cute short set so that you can play all day! We also love the all white crochet matching set. We think this one would be perfect for an Easter gathering. It is a white crochet tank paired with a just below the knew pencil skirt. It is very dainty!

striped twin set

midi matching set

The great thing about matching sets is that you can also wear them separately if you wanted. We know this trend is going to stay super hot this year and we can’t wait to see all of you in your very own matching sets!


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