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Meet Sara at Lotus Eastchase!

cute golden retriever puppy

Sara is our store manager at Lotus Boutique in the Shoppes at Eastchase in Montgomery, AL! She has been a blessing for that store and we couldn't have made it without her! Read below to get to know a little more about one of our favorite store managers!

1. Tell us what things you like to do when you are NOT at Lotus.

When I’m not at Lotus (or in class) you’ll most likely find me at the nearest park or patio restaurant with my golden retriever, Annie. She’s an 8 month old golden and is FULL of energy and happiness.

cute puppy


You’ll also find me traveling all over the southeast because after graduating from the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) I have friends nearly everywhere. So every chance I get, I go visit my sorority sisters or my boyfriend who attends Auburn University.

I love volunteering too! I’m a “YES” girl and LOVE to plan events so I tend to keep my calendar full of local charity events going on, in, and around Montgomery. I also am still active within my sorority, Alpha Phi, and serve as the new member adviser at the University of Kentucky.

alpha phi sorority sisters

2. What are a few things that are meaningful to you?

Family is SO important to me. I’ve lost my mom and brother so the family that I do still have here means the world to me. And friends. I wouldn’t have made it out of those dark times without them. Family and friendships are what makes my world keep spinning. And like I mentioned my dog. She’s loved more than she’ll ever know.

3. What are a few things on your bucket list?

I’ve never really had a bucket list. I just live life in the moment and don’t plan for the future too much. But if I had to choose a few things it would be to go sky diving, hike the Appalachian Mountains, and go on a trip to Bora Bora and stay in one of those cute houses on the water. Also, I want to publish a bibliography about my grandmother’s life. She traveled to the states from Germany when she was 21 but before that she lived during WWII and has the most amazing story to tell.

4. What era in time inspires you the most? The 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s? How does this reflect in your fashion sense?

I didn’t know the answer to this so of course I pulled up google and searched for a buzzfeed quiz to tell me. I got the 50s! The answer said:

You got the 50s! You yearn for a simpler time when people were polite, curt, and followed the rules. Maybe people say you’re a conformist, but you know you just like things to stay a certain way. Home is where the heart is.

I guess that quiz was right because if you ask any of my co-workers they will tell you I have the most predictable style and if you look in my closet you’ll notice that I really like structure and uniforms so everything is color coordinated and outfits are paired together. I’m a sucker for two-piece outfits and drop waist anything and if I’m feeling a little rebellious I may mix in some leather or a bright color in here and there.

sorority girl style

5. What do you love most about your job as store manager?

My favorite part about being store manager is being able to guide all of the girls to not only their Lotus goals but also life goals! I love to inspire them to be the best person they can be! Also, I love training. I’ve learned a lot of new tactics and the different ways diverse personalities respond to things. Although I’m always teaching I am always learning too. No two employees, customers, or days are the same! Also, the weekly shipment and re-merchandising is always a fun time!

lotus boutique eastchase mall


You can visit Sara and her amazing staff with the details below!

Lotus Boutique Eastchase
6832 Eastchase Parkway -  Montgomery, AL - 36117

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