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April 13, 2016 3 min read

What to Pack for Spring Break

spring break beach

It's that time of year again where Spring Breaks are happening and the sun is actually warming up! We love Spring Break season because you finally get a chance to take a break from school, work, life, etc... Continue reading to ensure you're perfectly packed for Spring Break 2016!
  • Swimsuit- Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit! You will definitely need it.


  • Basic soft tee – whether you need to cover up after forgetting your sunscreen or need something comfortable that you can wear out, you will be glad you packed a soft shirt that can go with anything!

comfy t shirt

  • Floppy hat = double whammy! It protects your face from burning and will hide any bad beach hair! But also completely fashionable!

cute floppy hat

  • White jeans- White jeansare going to be everywhere this year. This year it doesn’t matter what style white jeans you have on as long as you have some packed!

white jeans

  • Beach bag- the bag that carries it all. The sunscreen, tanning lotion, chap sticks, and anything else you could possibly need while spending your day out on the beach.

spring break beach bag

  • Yeti Tumblrs- Grab that Yeti tumblr, get it monogrammed, and pack it up for Spring Break. You will be so glad you packed this. It saves you a little bit of money instead of buying plastic ones and it will be so easy to carry out on the beach.


  • Beach towel- Don’t forget to pack a cute beach towel this year! You will definitely need one of those large oversized beach towels to lie out on and post tons of cute pictures on. Round beach towels are a huge hit this year!


  • Sundresses are always a must when traveling but especially for spring break. You can dress it down for a shopping trip or a rainy day or dress it up for a night out with friends. We love this dress from Lotus Boutique! It is so cute, comfortable and even has a built in bralette!


  • Flash tattoos- a trend that has carried on for the past two years and is back again. They make for a great accessory to any outfit whether it be the beach or going out to dinner.


  • Custom Coolers- these coolers aren’t just your basic cooler. These are personalized for an individual to show off their personality, home state, college football team or to sport a Greek family.

custom yeti cooler

  • A cross body purse is something you will not want to forget on spring break. No one wants to tote around a huge purse while going out. They are so easy to keep up with and will fit everything that you could possibly need. Keep up with your money, credit cards and maybe even a can of pepper spray, just in case.

crossbody purse

  • Sandals- Don’t forget your Chacos or Rainbows at home. You will need these when you are walking back and forth to the beach. They will also come in handy when you just need to throw some shoes on and go.


  • Rompers- Don’t forget your romper at home. These are super cute and are perfect for dinner or a night out. We love this beachy romper from Lotus!

 cute spring romper

  • Sunglasses are so important for the beach! It doesn’t matter what kind of sunglasses you wear, be sure you don’t forget them.

 beach sunglasses

  • The last but not least thing to pack for Spring Break is your sunscreen/tanning lotion. We love sun bums products. They have a variety of things from body sunscreen, face sunscreen, tanning lotions and even lip balms. They also offer all of their products at any SPF to suit everyone’s needs. Be sure to check them out!

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