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April 14, 2016 3 min read

5 steps to a healthier you

1. Drink Water:

Ever suffer from horrible headaches or unsightly blemishes? We do, too. One way to cure those headaches and clear up your skin is water! Of course pretty much everyone knows this, but do we actually drink the 8 glasses of water a day that’s recommended? The easiest was to get your water in is with a half-gallon water bottle.  Just drink two of those throughout the day and you’ll barely even notice how much water you’ve consumed! I started using a bottle I picked up target and it has been so easy to get in my 8 cups a day (or even more than 8). I usually eat when I’m bored just because I want something to do and by having the water bottle it’s a healthier alternative than snacking on whatever I get my hands on.

2. Fall in Love with Yoga:

Yoga has become all the rage the past couple of years. From hot yoga in a studio to YouTube videos in your living room, yoga is one of the top exercises on people’s minds. The health benefits of yoga are outstanding. It calms your mind while also tightening your abs! After a stressful day there’s no better way to unwind then a tree pose.

3. Get Vitamin D

Having a crappy day?! Get outside! Vitamin D does wonders for your body. (But make sure to put on sunscreen ;)). The sun is great for people suffering from depression, too. It lifts you mood not only will your skin look sun- kissed, but it also helps with your mood. I know I always feel calmer when I sit outside in the sun!

4. Start Journaling:

Writing your thoughts out on paper is a great way to relieve stress. Whether it’s early in the morning before you start your day or at night before you go to bed, journaling will make you feel so much better. Journaling early in the morning is the perfect way to ensure that you will start the day fully refreshed and with a clear mind. Late at night, most people stay awake with the challenge of falling asleep because they have entirely too many thoughts going through their head. Writing out whatever is going through your head (from the things on your to-do list that you didn’t get to or a situation that occurred that you haven’t resolved, yet) will help you set those things aside and allow you to rest more peacefully and faster!

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Every single person should acquire 8 full hours of sleep each night. Most people only average 5-6 hours. That’s two hours less than your body needs to function properly! Getting the proper amount of sleep is beneficial to more than just preventing under-eye circles. Sleeping eight hours each night is good for your heart, mind and even your weight! The right amount of sleep can improve your memory, improve blood pressure and inflammation, and burn more fat than those who do not get the eight hours of sleep needed.


Following these five steps is sure to improve your overall health and well-being. Creating a healthier and more positive you will make you a happier person and in turn rub off onto those around you creating a more positive and healthier planet. Once you’re feeling your best YOU, coming into Lotus to find clothing, jewelry and other accessories to match who you are on the inside with your new outside appearance, will provide you a fun experience. We would love to join you and help you get your new and refreshing look! We have so many different looks, we are positive we can help YOU find something you will love and feel confident wearing!

Check out this great video for Beginner's at Home Yoga!

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