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Meet Emily at Lotus Pinebrook!

pinebrook store manager

Emily is our store manager at Lotus Boutique in the Pinebrook Shopping Center! She stepped up as the leader several months ago and has been doing an excellent job! Her sassy spirit coupled with her mature outlook make her a powerhouse on our management team! Emily runs a tight ship in the Pinebrook store and because of that you can always expect her staff to be doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing!

1. Tell us what things you like to do when you are NOT at Lotus?

While I do love spending my time at Lotus whether it is working the floor, bringing in the new shipment, or merchandising, there are a few other things I love to do on my off days. One thing I truly enjoy is driving down to Pensacola to lay on the beach on those warm sunny days. And even though I’ll never admit it to her, I also love going to the gym with my sister to workout. She’s extremely fit and keeps me motivated to stay healthy. On the weekends you’ll usually find me visiting my family in Montgomery, or hitting the town with some of my closest friends.

2. What are a few things that are meaningful to you?

Well of course the most meaningful thing to me is my giant, nosey loud family. They’re actually all really wonderful and I love them so much. I’m the youngest of 5 with 3 sisters and 1 brother. They really mean the world to me along with my mom, dad, stepdad and nephew! I also have a ten year old Border collie mix puppy that I couldn’t live without! His name is Cooper. He is a little bit of a hellion but he can do no wrong in my eyes. Another thing that is really meaningful to me is a painting that my grandmother gave me about 2 months ago. It’s so special  since she painted it herself and the weekend she gave it to me was the last time I saw my grandfather before he passed away. So, now when I see the painting not only do I think of my talented grandmother but also my sweet grandfather. It’s something I’ll cherish all of my life.

wedding family

3. What are a few things on your bucket list?

While I’ve never really sat down and made a legit bucket list, there are a few things I’d love to accomplish throughout my life. For starters, I want to graduate college which I can finally cross off once May rolls around! I would also like to backpack Europe and spend at least a month in Spain. I love everything about the Spanish culture and would love to experience it for myself. I even speak a little Spanish!

sunflower fields

4. What era in time inspires you the most? How does this reflect in your fashion sense?

I think the time that inspires me most is the 70s . My parents played a lot of music from this time period when we were growing up and I still listen to most of it today. My mom would play Carly Simon every weekend as we were cleaning the house and now I do the same at my house! I wouldn’t say I intentionally wear clothes that reflect this time period except that I did buy my first pair of flare jeans! But I do really love the flowy, relaxed style of the 70s and incorporate a lot of that into my wardrobe.

70s inspired style

5. What do you love most about your job as store manager?

There are a lot of things to love about being the Lotus Pinebrook store manager. Like being able to experience firsthand what goes in to running a boutique. But the thing I absolutely love most would be the people! I have the most amazing staff of girls who have all become best friends. We support each other, laugh with each other, and even give advice to each other. Lotus wouldn’t be the same without these talented women. And I would have never met them if it weren’t for Lotus. We also have some of the most amazing customers! These women come in every week just to get our help and it is such a pleasure to see their faces light up when we find them that perfect outfit. There is really no better feeling than making life long connections with some amazing people.

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You can visit Emily and her amazing staff at the details below:

Lotus Boutique Pinebrook

3980 Airport Blvd. Suite G - Mobile, AL - 36609



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