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April 14, 2016 4 min read

Meet Amanda at Lotus Ashley Park!

Mermaid Amanda

My name is Amanda and I have been with Lotus Boutique in Newnan GA since it was just a concept, and I managed the Montgomery location when it first opened as well.  Lotus is really a huge part of my life and who I am!  I love everything about the company, from our vision to our people.  Of course there are more layers to my life... so all aboard the crazy train!  

First and foremost, I love being a mama! I have a two year old son, named TJ, who has so much joy and energy and life inside of him.  He makes me so happy with every little milestone, every kiss and every discovery.  He has more style than any kid I know.  I am seriously envious of his swag, he kills it.  When I am not working, I have him as my little shadow doing everything I do, and I love it.  Motherhood is all I have ever wanted and it's proven to be the most rewarding thing I have ever done. 

baby swag

My husband and I met forever ago.  We were in middle school and went to high school together and always were off and on!  A few years ago, we decided we'd keep each other and we got married about a month ago, with just us and TJ, our son.  Tyler keeps me laughing, always challenges me to be my best version of myself and he makes my heart skip a beat still! Family truly is everything to me.  I treat friends as family and my family is my world. They give me energy and I love to pour into them as well.  I could go on for days about family and how much it means to me to spend my time with people who I truly love!  

mermaid family

I am very passionate about fashion and personal style!  Beyond putting a cute shirt with a vest, I love the journey of discovering your personal style, who you are, what fits your curve and what you hate.  I love styling people, myself and I even play fashion games on my phone. #embarrasing... I really am addicted to fashion.  Styling women and making them feel like they are goddesses makes my life.  I have always thought I wanted to travel and speak and make people feel good about themselves, but retail has proven to me that the people who need the most help are standing right by you in line at Target, work next door or live downstairs.  I want the world to be full of girl bosses, who wear whatever they want, feel good and are proud of their personal fashion choices.  Although being in the fashion industry is technically my job, my bread and butter, it also exists in my personal life as a passion!  It doesn't help that I am also addicted to shopping and adding new, different pieces to my wardrobe at home!

My personal style is eclectic. I wear what I like, with what I like and when I want to!  I would say I am a mix between urban glam and trendy.  I hate labeling my style but so you can get the vision, there it is!  My favorite pieces are high waisted distressed denim, chunky gold chain necklaces, flowy tops, gold hoops, bangle stacks, flowy dresses, platform shoes and anything lace up!  I love leather and I love lace!  I can usually be found somewhere in between all that fabulousness!  I draw a lot of style inspiration from the nineties, with joggers, crop tops, stripes, flannel shirts, bucket hats and round sunglasses, but who can blame me?  It was such a good era!  Who can blame me for also lovinjg the 60s and 70s, with all the mod clothing, color blocking, bell bottoms and tie dye!  Really, they all flow together well in my eclectic closet!  If I am going glam, you can bet that I am going to have a 50s inspired, curve loving silhouette, because Marilyn Monroe.  I even find myself speaking the 90s lingo and getting made fun of for it.  I am a nineties girl, all the way!

Everything I love always comes back to art and staying true to who I am.  I usually don't sit with the plastics, I am more of a chameleon who blends in wherever I am put!  I love all music, and by love, I mean love!  I am a singer, I wish I was a rapper, but I am no good!  I love Adele, Drake, Lauryn Hill, Gwen Stefani, Etta James and I can rock out to the soundtrack from Grease or Fall Out Boy, whatever hits me in the feels! The Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera taught me that you can express yourself and still be adored and Britney Spears taught me that even if you have the same school uniform on as everyone else, if you were born to stand out, you will.  I also love painting, doodling, Cosmo mag and Murder Mystery TV shows.  And Dr. Phil.  #momlife

Who I am as a person gives me a full on love for the job that I have.  I love this job, I love this store.  I cried when we opened because I knew this was another platform to reach the people around me, to make my employees feel loved, to stretch them, teach and learn from them.  My favorite part of my job is my customers.  I love them.  If you are my customer, it's likely that you are now a part of my family.  I love dressing girls, showing them how to dress themselves and how to feel good. Finding their personal style, loving and embracing it is so rewarding. The most rewarding part of my job is having a customer who is having a rough day and they leave feeling like Beyonce!  Being a motivator in the work place is where I feel strong.  I want all of the people around me to feel empowered, whether it's my Lotus girls or my beautiful customers!  

I also love writing and I have a lifestyle blog, lifestyled by Ama, where I showcase my favorite outfits, talk about life and style and here is the link if you want to follow my journey, through life and Lotus!

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