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April 19, 2016 3 min read

Manager Spotlight: Brittany in New Orleans

HAYYY! My name is Brittany Melerine and I manage Lotus Boutique New Orleans. We are located in Metairie near Lakeside Mall.  I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of the Lotus team.  When I was asked to help make a name for Lotus Boutique in the New Orleans area, I was so excited! I remember looking on Lotus Boutique’s website for the first time and seeing the cutest clothes for the best prices and thinking WHOA! THE WOMEN OF LOUISIANA NEED LOTUS IN THEIR LIVES!!

Since then, Lotus Boutique has been a huge part of my life.  I always tell people that my soul is located at 3244 Severn Avenue in Metairie. Haha!! Because I just really love my job and the store is sooooo beautiful! Sometimes customers come in and catch me dancing because we always have the best music playing and I super duper love my job!

Outside of Lotus, I am a pretty busy bee.  I am graduating from Tulane this spring (FINALLY!). I also teach RPM at Anytime Fitness in Luling and have recently been training to become a BodyFlow instructor. Health and fitness are a big part of my life as well. Whether I’m teaching a fitness class or helping a woman pick the perfect outfit, the most rewarding thing in life is helping people.

I have a niece, Carter, and my new Godson, Eli, who stole my heart before they even came into this world! I love them so much. They’re so cute and perfect.  With the new addition of these little babies, my family has gotten so much closer.  I am a true southern girl that can’t go a day without talking to my mama or my stepmama.  Sometimes, I even have my mom come work in the store!! She just turned 50 and looks so great; especially in her clothes from Lotus Boutique ;)

My bucket list is full of silly things including going to medical school, taking Carter and Eli to Disney World, and making Lotus Boutique New Orleans #1. I have so much faith in my beautiful little store!! 

When it comes to fashion eras, they all inspire me!  I love the 50s housewife look.  We have so many “find a husband” dresses at Lotus that are beautiful!! The 60s were such a powerful era.  Not only did the 1960s consist of bell bottoms and tie dye (my faves), but also some pretty epic events like the civil rights movement that made America a better place.  When I think 70s, I think disco and afros. Maybe I should add growing an afro on my bucket list?? Afros are just awesome.  The 80s were so ridiculousl, but fantastically tacky.  I love the bright colors and big hair of the 80s.  Also, who doesn’t sing super loud and get really excited when a classic 80s jam comes on??  The 90s, from what I remember, was the era of grunge music, plaid, and torn jeans.  I am a sucker for plaid and torn jeans!! Especially during the fall and festival seasons!

The best part of my job is empowering a woman and seeing her excitement when she looks great in her Lotus clothes.  I love, love, love when customers come in and show me their pictures from when they were in their Lotus gear!! It makes me really proud that they’re representing our brand but also how happy they are. 

Come visit me at Lotus Boutique New Orleans!

<3 Brittany

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