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April 21, 2016 3 min read 1 Comment

Converse in Fashionconverse in fashion

Converse are no longer just a pair of sneakers to wear with a T-shirt. Converse have become one of the biggest trends, and a go to shoe for all types of outfits. The diversity of these sneakers is incredible. You can pair them with skirts, cute top and jeans, and even dresses.  Most people assume that converse are meant for lazy day outfits that don’t have much thought put into them. On the contrary, most fashion icons now wear them as their go to accessory.  Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne, and most importantly Beyoncé have been seen rocking them in their everyday lives, and Kristen Stewart even wears them on the red carpet. With converse the possibilities are endless. 

 styling converse

Converse have the ability to spice up any outfit. Whether your style is hipster, country chic, prim and proper, or even low-key, these shoe scan help to create an impactful outfit that is sure to turn heads.  Want to go out for a fun active day? Throw on some high-waist shorts, a cute top, and of course your trusty pair of converse. Going for a lunch date but have no idea what to wear? Throw on a cute summer dress and some low top converse and you are all set. Converse have the ability to show your personality, while still staying super comfy and trendy.

shorts and converse outfit

summer dress and converse


Now the biggest question faces us about converse. What color?! I have to say that any color is amazing, it just depends what you are doing and where you are doing. If you have a very colorful and exciting outfit then the black or white converse will add to your outfit, but not take away from the fun patterns and colors. If you are going monochrome for the day, wearing a lot of black and/or white, then add a splash of color with red, blue, or even some purple thrown in there! These sneakers have the ability to transform your outfits in a million ways. While color is important, making the outfit is a hard task for some people, me included.

This versatile shoe can help add to an outfit, or be the focus point of another. When you style these into any outfit the first question should always be, “where am I going?”. If it’s a concert or a day in the park then use them as a starting point for your outfit and find shorts, jeans, and cute tops that help to accentuate them. If you are going out to lunch or a dinner and a movie then use those sneaks to add on to the outfit and add a little bit of flare to them by spicing up the colors or patterns and add a cute little dress to them. Use them to help the already cute outfit!

These shoes have turned our world upside down by being able to transform from fun and trendy to active and old-school. To me, the most important part of any clothing purchase is, “how many times can I wear these?”. With these sneakers you will never have to ask that again. The ability to intertwine them into any outfit has helped to make these the most popular accessory for any occasion.

Did you know you can even customize a pair of converse on the official Converse website?! Make sure you stop by there today to get a pair of these great shoes to rock with your #LotusLook all year long, and check out these great looks below that you can easily pair some converse tennis shoes! 

cute outfits to wear with converse

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October 12, 2016

Love my converse! I wear them with everything! I think it just adds so much personality to whatever you’re wearing!

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