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July 12, 2017 2 min read

blogging opportunityAt Lotus Online Boutique, we not only believe in offering fashion-forward clothing ideas for women from all walks of life, we also do our best to provide useful tips and interesting fashion-related information to help our current and future customers make the best styling choices – ensuring that they look their best at all times.

“Since we opened our first brick-and-mortar store in 2005, Lotus Boutique has grown from a one location boutique to a thriving company serving the Southeast. We currently have eight brick-and-mortar store locations owned and operated by Lotus Stores, Inc. It is our desire to be one of the web's most fun and easy shopping experiences.”

However, we can’t do it alone. We’re currently searching for highly talented Professional Bloggers and Instagram Influencers who would want to contribute their skills and knowledge to help Lotus Online Boutique grow in terms of fashion reach. We believe in making women feel and look beautiful, boosting a little bit of confidence and providing means of sprucing up their wardrobe choices to match their personalities, thus, we have an excellent blogging opportunity for fashion influencers.

Do you think you have what it takes?

If you’d like to become part of our team and lead the way in terms of clever marketing tactics and your natural ability to engage an audience, we’d like to hear from you! Let us know what your terms are or how you’d like to be compensated. Remember, we do have a closet full of absolutely stunning merchandise and accessories, so if you are interested, we’d like to dress you in quality clothing in exchange for your skills as a Professional Blogger or Instagram Influencer. In addition, we’ll also be sharing your content on all of our social media platforms for maximum exposure – helping your portfolio grow and giving us the opportunity to reach new audiences. It’s a win-win situation!

Please send us examples of your work i.e your portfolio to, tell us why you’d like to become part of the Lotus Online Boutique family, the type of compensation you’d be interested in, and while you’re at it, Like our Facebookpage and follow us on Instagram in order to get to know us better.

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