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July 02, 2016 1 Comment

When we think about school days coming up we think about three things 

Fashion & Style


Higher Learning...

# Higher Learning...

# Fashion & Style

Lotus has you covered for fashion and style. Check out our New Arrivals for back to school clothing. You will be looking your best in Lotus Boutique clothing! :)

# Organization

In school, organization starts with a planner. You need to have a place for all of your assignments and test, all the social events you will be attending, and special days you need to remember. Your planner will be your best friend if you want to stay busy and organized this fall. Here are a few planners that we think will make your school experience better. 

1. Erin Condren

     - Different layouts

     - Multipul (endless) designs

     - Choose your coil color (+$10)

     - Personalize XOXO Manual. This is our favorite feature because you can put you         name on it 

     - Different themes: Vertical (Our personal favorite), Horizontal, or Hourly 

     - When choosing the year / months you get the choice to finish out the remaining months for only $5 extra! 

2. The Happy Planner

     - Discs instead of spirals. 

       * It is a cross between scrap booking and a planner. There are stickers, bags, and stamps, everything you need to plan your life. 

       * There are 3 different disc sizes so you can start small & work your way up. 

     - Beautify

     - Price is right. 

     - Happy Planner Challange

       * They just started this challenge on Instagram.

     - July is the first full month 

     - There is a divided page protector that is super cool. You can put pictures & quotes in it. 

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October 11, 2016

My planner is my life during the school semester! It makes everything a little easier. I also love to wear my basic tops from Lotus to class. :)

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