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March 11, 2017 4 min read

bohemian chic fashionFashionably featured in Vogue in 2002, Bohemian Chic is a term used to describe the electric gypsy look; consisting of flowy materials, vintage accessories, and natural-looking make-up and hair. It’s quite a unique look for women who want to stand out from the crowd and add some spice to their wardrobe. By pairing different materials and adding a hint of vintage to your look, you’ll attract all kind of attention for all the right reasons. Not only is Bohemian Chic fashion extremely comfortable to wear, it also turns you into a statement piece; separating you from the masses.

Of course, you simply can’t choose Bohemian Chic fashion without adding those necessary accessories. Forget about the normal, boring, store-bought accessories you may find in a regular shopping mall. Add some chic to your Boho with the following 10 Bohemian Chic fashion accessories for women:

  1. Love Story Stone Stud With Black Bead Tassel – Earrings

Nothing screams vintage more than stone stud beaded tassel earrings, in black! Great for wearing your hair down, as you should when introducing Bohemian Chic to your closet, these particular earrings will match just about any Boho chic outfit. Please be warned that you may fall absolutely in love with them to the point where you may never want to take them off again!

 bohemian chic fashion

  1. Better Than Dessert Long Horn Bracelet

Of course, you can’t wear earrings and leave your pretty little wrists alone. By adding a western feel to your overall look, you’ll add some character to your Bohemian Chic fashion sense. This particular bracelet is available in a leather wrap with two different size attachments for a better fit. Remember, one size fits all so don’t be afraid of spoiling yourself a little bit.

 bohemian chic fashion

  1. Only You Unique Gold Necklace

Who wants boring and ordinary when you can have different and extremely unique with this unique gold necklace; paired with white marble and turquoise. Not only does it scream Bohemian Chic, it also protrudes pretty (which is what every woman wants at the end of the day) Go on. Try it on. We can almost guarantee that you’ll never want to take it off.

 bohemian chic fashion

  1. Tropical Vibes Palm Print Scarf

Thin, soft scarves can be worn in various ways; whether over your hair as a covering, wrapped over your shoulders for that little bit of warmth on a cool evening, or around your neck simply for styling purposes. Of course, you can’t pair just any ol’ scarf with your Bohemian Chic fashion style. You need to ensure that it’s fun, colourful, and complements your Boho chic look. What better way to achieve that than by adding a tropical vibes palm print scarf.

bohemian chic fashion

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  1. Like You Mean It Gold Chunky Choker

Chokers are not only extremely chic at the moment, they also add a sense of sophistication; regardless of your outfit choice. However, this isn’t just any plain choker. This particular Bohemian Chic fashion accessory, with a hint of turquoise, adds some color to your outfit and brings it to life by accentuating the most delicate, appropriate part of a woman’s body: her neck.

 bohemian chic fashion

  1. Wooden Bead Necklace With Tusk

Bohemian Chic is all about expressing your inner wild child by wearing clothing and fashion accessories that really accentuate your creative, free side. One of the most popular colors is turquoise, as shown in this particular Bohemian Chic fashion accessory. Paired with a tusk and natural beading, you can proudly display your inner wild child to the world.

 bohemian chic fashion

  1. Natural Vibes Leaf Necklace

Who said you can’t express your love for all things natural and unique by wearing it around your neck? By pairing turquoise, brown, and green into one Bohemian Chic fashion accessory, your clothing choice can be extremely versatile; just like you! Forget about having to fit into the rest of society and simply go with what makes you feel good: Boho chic!

 bohemian chic fashion

  1. Bohemian Bliss Crochet Bralette

Bralettes are perfect for those moments when you want to wear a see-through Bohemian piece without much hassle, and still look beautiful. How can you not with a beautiful Bohemian Bliss Crochet Bralette? Made with 100% cotton, it’s easy to wash and care for. Simply lay it flat to dry and machine wash gently.

bohemian chic fashion

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  1. Touch Of Gold Feather And Cross Necklace

In search of something a little bit more delicate and feminine? Why not invest in a gold feather and cross necklace that will beautifully complement any Bohemian Chic fashion outfit. Made carefully with love, this particular necklace adds nothing but a whisper of authenticity and beauty to your overall look.

 bohemian chic fashion

  1. A Roadtrip To Remember Cowboy Boots

You absolutely need to add a pair of cowboy boots to your Bohemian Chic look in order to fully embrace the feel of being carefree and wild. Taking into consideration that you may want to add a little bit of rustic to your look, cowboy boots are made to do just that! They’re comfortable, perfectly suited for a Boho-chic style, and will complement any fashion accessory to the tee.

bohemian chic fashion

Remember, Bohemian Chic fashion is all about expressing your need to be unique and beautiful. By going natural and embracing your wild side, you can live the way you’ve always wanted simply by being in fashion. It’s an easy look to maintain, offers a wide variety of interesting clothing options and accessories to choose from, and ultimately brings out the best in most women. Give it a try. Your inner wild child will thank you for it!

In search of Bohemian Chic fashion ideas to match your fashion accessories? Visit our online clothing boutique for a wide selection in Boho chic; adding some spice to your wardrobe and plenty of flavor to your fashion sense. Go on, you know you want to!


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