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March 12, 2018 8 min read 1 Comment

Cute spring break clothesWe’re super excited to announce that the weather is slowly getting warmer and the days are slightly getting longer. As each day passes, we’re welcoming spring back in anticipation, ready to trade our boots for sandals and thick winter coats for spring dresses. It’s an exciting time of the year that allows new things to grow and blossom whilst saying goodbye to the dreary, not to mention the infamous Spring Break 2018 where you not only get to escape to much warmer climates, but you certainly get to hang out with friends whilst getting your beach on.

After working hard, getting good grades, and writing final exams, spring break is a much-deserved reward for giving it your all. It’s a great way to fill up your wardrobe with cute spring break clothes fit for 2018 and spending more quality time with friends who have been there for you and with you through tough times, long nights, and lengthy emotional sessions explaining your need for a fun break.

So, when looking for a website with cute spring break clothes, look no further than Lotus Online Boutique that happens to have some of the most practical, colorful, cute, must-have spring break clothes to make your competition jealous and dramatically boost your confidence.  

However, before heading to the beach for a well-deserved break, it’s important to keep the following spring break clothing checklist on hand the next time you venture on a shopping spree. The last thing you want is to miss out what’s new and in fashion, not to mention absolutely cute and flattering for 2018.

  • Asymmetrical Lines.

What was in last year is out in 2018. It’s time for something new. By new, we mean asymmetrical lines ready for warm spring days. Let’s face it, you can’t go wrong by showing a little bit of shoulder on the one side. Not only is it sexy and alluring, it’s also very different to what you may have been wearing thus far. Be daring for the first time in what may seem as forever and try something new. You may be surprised at how amazing this particular style makes you look! Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about being different, despite what society tries to make you believe.


Cute spring break clothes

  • Transparency.

There are a million different looks you can achieve by adding a little bit of transparency to your wardrobe. This can include a funky and extremely modern-looking raincoat, plastic shoes that’ll last you all spring, or even a transparent pocketbook. Sure, maybe it’s not one of the most practical things to own, but it’s definitely unique and convenient. Transparency, in this particular case, can also mean a lace kimono that shows off different layers. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?


Cute spring break clothes

  • Pastels.

Pastels are in this spring regardless of the occasion. However, for spring break, lavender seems to be creating the most buzz. It’s soft, yet feminine and allows you to add a little bit of color to your day without being too over-powering. It’s great for moments when you’d like to sit back and relax. However, it’s important to remember that not everyone can wear pastels.

For some individuals, such as those with a fair skin tone, pastels may result in a washed out look. On the contrary, individuals with tanned skin tones can look amazing in a soft lavender. Always know your skin tone before going to pastel route.


Cute spring break clothes

  • White Suits.

If you’re out on the town with the girls and you want to stay clear of any dresses, why not opt for a feminine white suit? Not only is it in fashion this spring, it’ll also make your tanned skin look pretty amazing! Wearing all white used to be a big no-no, but times have changed. Now, it’s one of those must-have outfits that every woman should have in her closet. Besides, you never know when you’ll need to look a little bit more sophisticated on a whim. Why not prepare ahead of time and avoid getting caught off guard an unprepared?

  • Polka Dots.

When searching for cute spring break clothes for 2018, always keep something polka dot-y in your closet. Although this spring, it’s more about black and white polka dots, any polka dots would do in order to spruce up your wardrobe. It always seems as if fashion trends regenerate after a few years, so it may be wise to keep your polka dots in a closet somewhere for the next time that you’ll need them. For now, however, polka dots is a must-have for your spring break clothing checklist.


Cute spring break clothes

  • Square Necklines.

They may seem outdated and old-fashioned, but they’re back in full force this spring break 2018, which is great for some women who would prefer to hide their cleavage. Rule of thumb: if you’re heavy on top, always choose thick straps. Thinner straps are meant for women who have smaller breast cup sizes. At the end of the day, you want to feel as comfortable as possible whilst trying out a new trend, right? Don’t let fashion stop you from feeling confident in what you choose to wear this spring break 2018.


Cute spring break clothes

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  • Mix And Match.

There’s absolutely no rule that mentions anything about having to match your patterns and colors, not anymore anyway. From now onwards this spring break, go wild! Feel free to match different patterns and colors in such a way that makes your outfit seem beyond interesting. Be sure to choose one common color throughout your fashion pieces in order to avoid looking like a clown. The rest, however, is all up to you! Add matching accessories and see your outfit come to life.

  • Straw hat.

You’re going to need to protect your neck and face from harmful rays, so why not add a straw hat to your spring break clothing checklist? The key, however, this spring break is to choose dramatic over normal and plain. This means that your straw hat should be over-sized or formed with a unique shape in order to make the list. Don’t be afraid to stand out. You may feel somewhat awkward in the beginning, but soon you’ll be the talk of the town or spring break. Add a dramatic lip and sunglasses and you’re ready for a great day out with friends exploring your surroundings.

  • Fringe.

Add a little bit of latin to your wardrobe by choosing a fringe on any piece of clothing or accessory. It’s sexy and different. It’s there to make your hips move a little bit more than usual. Most importantly, it one of the most recent spring trends for 2018 that shouldn’t be dismissed. Sure, you may not be used to wearing anything that moves as much as a fringe on your clothing, but you’ll get used to it the minute that you’re able to make heads turn simply by being. Give it a try. You can always choose to ditch this particular spring break trend if you don’t like it.

  • Distressed Jeans.

We all wear jeans and we’ll continue to do so for many years to come. Denim has been around since the beginning when fashion and practicality decided to meet. Over the years, jeans have changed to adapt to the times, However, the distressed denim look is back. It’s a great way to dress a look down without losing your fashion flair and comfort. It’s perfect for women who want to show a little bit of leg but not too much. Most importantly, it’s the ideal addition to spring break 2018.


Cute spring break clothes

  • Bold Colors.

Cute spring break clothes don’t always have to make you fit in with everyone else. In fact, this particular spring break trend involves standing out quite a bit by showing everyone that you’ve arrived. Bold, bright colors in spring not only makes your skin glow, but makes you feel more alive, happier, and ready for anything! Be sure to choose colors that match your skin tone instead of just falling in love with a particular color. Remember, certain colors can either make your skin glow or they can wash you out completely.


Cute spring break clothes

  • Ruffles.

Ruffles have the ability to hide unwanted areas and bring out the best in you by accentuating the correct assets. They add a sense of femininity and character to an otherwise plain/dull looking top. They’re great for women who are ‘less gifted’ up top by making you look fuller. They’re also perfect for women who’d like to attract attention away from uncomfortable areas. Whether you choose a cute spring fashion item in the form of a dress or crop top, always ensure a little bit of ruffle in your spring 2018 wardrobe.


Cute spring break clothes

  • Floral Rompers.

You simply can’t go wrong with a romper. Add a floral print to the mix and you’re ready to hit the beach and have the best time of your life! Rompers make life easier and more beautiful all around. They’re practical by allowing you to move freely and do exactly anything you want. They extremely flattering by making your legs look extra long and your waist skinny, depending on the type of romper you choose. Best of all, they’re perfect for spring break 2018! This year, your spring break clothing checklist should include a few floral rompers along with ruffles and an interesting straw hat.


Cute spring break clothes

  • Gold Accessories.

Regardless of the type of spring break outfit you choose to wear, you’re going to have to add accessories to the mix in order to complete your look. This year, gold accessories win. Whether you choose delicate necklaces in gold or big, bold earring in order to make a statement, always ensure that you have a little bit of gold to match the trend. Whether you choose pure gold or gold-plated accessories, you’ll still look like a million dollars on spring break 2018.

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  • Sheer Dresses.

Sexy is the way to go this year. This involves bold colors, the confidence to mix and match prints, and of course sheer dresses. They’re the perfect addition to any woman’s closet, regardless of whether you’ll be going to spring break or not. However, they make for the perfect outfit choice on a warm, sunny, spring break day where you can be anything your heart desires. If sexy is what you can be, why choose anything less, right?

Spring break only comes along once a year, which means you’re absolutely supposed to make the best of it. Why not go all out with your fashion choices, be daring about trying new and wonderful things, meet new people and make new friends, and have the best time of your life before returning to normality and responsibilities.

Without having to search various sites for spring break clothing, you can find just about anything and everything you’re looking for by spending a little bit of time on our online clothing boutique, not to mention the option of automatic, interest free payments in order to make life a little bit easier without compromising on your fashion choices.

Remember, you only get to live one life and experience one spring break every year. You might as well look as beautiful and fashion-forward as you feel without spending a fortune, right?

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October 28, 2018

This is a great post you share here. I just love your spring fashion ideas. All the clothes are awesome and unique. Thank you for sharing this post. Keep sharing new fashion ideas with us.

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