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December 22, 2016 2 min read

Gift Cards: The Most Coveted Gift

When trying to decide what to give this Christmas Season, take the advise from millions who say that receiving gift cards is one of their top choices! Gift Cards really are the most coveted gift. Don't take our word for it, just read this from the National Retail Federation, that in 2015 gift cards were actually the most requested holiday gift for the past nine years straight. With the majority of people saying they would like to receive one over other gifts. When you think about the size and weight of a gift card, the wrapping possibilities are endless if you are worried about how to make a gift card be more special!

With almost half of the buying and shopping this year is expected to be online, easy peasy is something that is on everyone's mind. When choosing a gift card, it gives your lovies that fun opportunity to shop and pick out exactly what they want! Besides, gift cards are far less likely to be wasted than regular gifts.

Another excellent reason to go with the gift card, it helps you stay on budget! With other gift idea you get carried away and purchase way over your budget! With gift cards, you stay right on budget for holiday gifts, birthday gifts, or just a random happy! 

Here is a list of 10 questions and answers on How To: Give and Receive a Gift Card 

1) Do Gift Cards Expire?

2) What should I consider when purchasing a Gift Card? 

3) How do I decide how much money to put on a Gift Card? 

4) When I give a Gift Card, should I write the amount?

5) When I give a Gift Card, should I include the receipt? 

6) How can I give a Gift Card without looking lazy or impersonal? 

7) Is it OK to re-gift a Gift Card?

8) Can I redeem a Gift Card for cash? 

9) What else can I do with an unwanted Gift Card? 

10) Can I tip with a Gift Card? 

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