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August 13, 2017 4 min read

How to be likable at workHave you ever noticed how some individuals simply have the magic touch when it comes to reeling in the likes at work? Being a likable person at work comes more easily to some than some others. Perhaps you’re more reserved or prefer a smaller group of friends. Maybe you’re new to the group and not sure where you fit into the company culture. Thus, if you’re looking for tips on how to be more likable in the office, always keep the following advice at hand:

1. Always include the underdog

People always forget to include the underdog; either by accident or on purpose. Don’t be that person. Be the type of person who remembers to call the person that no one really talks to join in on the company fun. Not only will you gain a new fan/friend, you’ll make everyone else notice you even more. Beware, some may become jealous of you, but those that matter will admire you.

2. Be helpful, most of the time

Yes, you do have your own work to do, but sometimes you do want to add a little bit extra to your plate in order to seem approachable and helpful. Team leaders, especially, notice you more when you’re able to help another team member in need. It may seem like a simple task to you when it takes someone else much longer to complete. So don’t be afraid to stand out a little.

3. Include acts of random kindness

Kindness definitely can go a long way. Be that person in the office who’s always kind to everyone; from your boss to the office cleaner. Remember, we’re all people. We all have emotions and sometimes, it helps to be kind (especially when you’re having a bad day). You may not always be the most popular person amongst those who choose to be unkind, but you’ll definitely make it into the boss’ good books.

4. Become emotionally intelligent

Not only do you need to understand your own emotions in order to control them in an office setting, you also need to understand someone else’s. Individuals who are emotionally intelligent tend to be able to relate to others more easily – being the one person they know they can go to if they need to talk. Be careful of being the punching bag, but make an effort to understand other workers in your office building.

5. Opt for politeness, but be firm

Being polite to everyone will get you far, but you have to be firm in order to avoid having everyone walk all over you. If you’re unable to help someone else with a task which isn’t yours, be polite when saying no, but be firm when saying it. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re joking or on the contrary, being very rude. Remember, you can’t spread yourself too thin in order to please everyone.

6. Choose to dress well/fashionable

People simply like other people who dress well – individuals who take care of themselves. If you’re trying to become more likable in the office, opt for a new dress or stylish accessories every once in a while. Remember, it doesn’t have to be an expensive shopping spree. You can have a great time on a budget, as long as you purchase items that make you look and feel beautiful.

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7. Offer useful advice to those in need

None of us know everything all the time. Sometimes, it’s nice receiving helpful advice from someone who’s willing to listen. If you want to become more likable in the office, be the type of person who’s willing to offer useful advice to those in need. You may notice that you become the person that’s referred to as the ‘guru’. Just go with it. Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of fame, right?

8. Know when to speak and when not to

If you’re used to speaking just for the fun of it, it may be the perfect time to stop. People don’t like those who speak in order to have their voice heard – especially in meetings. Know when to speak and when to listen. If not, you’ll become known as extremely rude which will result in no one liking you – doing the exact opposite of what you initially wanted.

9. Acknowledge those who deserve it

Give praise where praise is due. If a work colleague achieved something quite remarkable or made a client extremely happy, let them know that you think they did a great job. Don’t be the person who keeps quiet and secretly envies, even though you’re happy for them deep down inside. They deserve to know when they’re doing a great job.

10.Recognize the opportunity to learn

Being a likable person means you’re also able to take direction from those higher up than you; willing to learn something new. Employers tend to hire individuals who are willing to be trained. So if you are in the market to improve your likeability in the office, figure out when the right time is to listen, to offer advice, and most importantly, learn. You’ll score major brownie points in that department.

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