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July 21, 2017 4 min read

how to wear whiteWearing all white can look beautiful at times and simply dreadful on other occasions, especially if you’re unsure of how to incorporate an all-white look into your wardrobe. Luckily for you, we have all-white clothing idea and useful tips on how to wear white without looking washed out. As this can easily be achieved without intending to look it, you definitely need to know what you’re doing if you want to add all-white clothing items to your look.

Since the myth states that you’ll look “less than skinny” in all-white, you surely don’t have to worry about it. In fact, all-white looks tend to make you look more toned and healthier – depending on the shade of white you choose.

Here’s how to wear all-white without looking washed out:

1. Get a tan

Although all-white outfits can look amazing on fair skinned individuals, it does look stunning on those with a bit of a tan. Thus, if you do choose to wear all-white for a specific occasion and you’d like to stand out from the crowd, it may be worth considering a slight tan. It’s important, though, to avoid looking orange (which is easily achievable with a fake spray on tan of cheaper origins).

 2. Ensure that it’s slimming, but not tight

White can look extremely sophisticated and beautiful on a woman with curves, but the key to wearing all-white is to avoid clothing that’s too tight. The last thing you want is others seeing your panty or bra lines (which is inevitable if your outfit is too small). Instead, ensure that your outfit is slimming and glides over your curves without hugging them too tight. Also, wear undergarments the same color as your skin tone. Since white may seem like the obvious option, it’s the worst decision you can make when looking for the perfect underwear for your all-white clothing choice.

 3. Add hints of color

If you’re afraid of wearing all-white or you feel that you can do with a little bit of color, choose one shade to incorporate it with your all-white look. You can add hints of color in various places such as your lips, shoes, and handbag – tying your look together with a simple shade of brightness. Be sure to add the color close your face if you feel a little bit washed out; making up for color loss.

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4. Opt for natural fibers

Choose linen or cotton to achieve a natural white look instead of polyester which can look too synthetic. The key to wearing all-white is to look expensive and sophisticated. Choosing the right materials come heavily into play when putting together your outfit as white can offer various different looks depending on the type of material you choose to wear. Remember, there’s nothing more beautiful than an all-white natural look that matches your skin tone and brings out the best in you.

 5. Choose a shade opposite to your skin tone

“If your skin has cool undertones, choose a neutral with some reddish or orange notes in it. If you've got a warm skin tone, go for a nude with a steely gray feel beneath”, according to Glamour Magazine. The last thing you want is looking nude in your all-white outfit, right? You need to be able to distinguish between your skin and your wardrobe choice; especially if you happen to have a pale skin tone.

 6. Pick various shades of white

One way of ensuring that you definitely don’t appear washed out is by incorporating various shades of white into your clothing choice. Choose between ivory, diamond white, snow, beige, and even antique white in order to mix it up a little bit. By adding little hints of variation in your outfit choice, you’re sure to avoid looking washed out and boring in white – all whilst looking sophisticated and ‘fresh’. Give it a try. Don’t be afraid to be daring. Most importantly, rock the fashion trends this summer 2017 by adding all-white to your wardrobe.

 7. Adding texture can go a long way

Adding texture to your all-white outfit can mean the difference between looking flat and coming across as interesting. During the winter months, add faux fur and feathers. During the warm summer months, add ruffles and flare in order to create depth. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various textures in one outfit in order to avoid a boring white look.

 8. Wear makeup

It’s absolutely necessary, when wearing all-white, that you add makeup to your to-do list. It could mean the difference between looking washed out and sophisticated. Add color to your lips if you’d like to incorporate different shades and ensure a smooth skin tone. Sometimes, plain works best if you want to appear soft. However, never leave the house without a hint of makeup unless you want to appear unfinished in your all-white outfit choice.

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Find all-white clothing ideas by visiting our online clothing boutique – meant for the sophisticated woman in mind. Remember, all-white is timeless when worn correctly, so be bold and daring enough to incorporate an all-white outfit into your wardrobe this summer. You’ll look absolutely stunning!


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