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February 07, 2017 5 min read

athleisureAthleisure, also known as comfortable, crisp gym clothing you can wear to work, is here to stay! Fortunately for us, we can’t get enough of it. In all honesty, who doesn’t enjoy being comfortable all day whilst looking trendy? It’s a tough thing to pull off. However, if you do plan on joining the athleisure revolution this spring /summer, be sure to keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind in order to follow the trend to the tee without actually looking as if you just came from the gym.

Remember, it’s one thing dressing as if you’re about to work out (with the possibility of getting your daily exercise routine in towards the end of the day) but it’s a whole other thing if you just came back from the gym, all sweaty and smelly.

Take full advantage of the athleisure trend by making sure you follow the below-mentioned tips.

Have fun!


  • Wear clean clothing

It’s an absolute must to wear athleisure items that look as if they were just pulled from the dryer. Under no circumstances can or should you wear clothing that with any signs of dirt or sweat on them as it completely defies the whole point behind athleisure. Wear gym clothing with the intent of visiting the gym later on, but don’t visit the gym for a quick workout session and remain in the same clothes throughout the day.


  • Mix and match

The great thing about athleisure is the fact that you can mix and match various items in order to match your personality and alternate your looks slightly. There’s a reason why sports bras were invented, so you should absolutely wear them! Mix and match colors to black, a sports bra to a breathable tank top, patterns to bold colors. It’s your prerogative and absolutely the right time to enjoy your everyday look.


  • Compliment your own style

Just because you’re wearing gym clothing on a daily basis doesn’t mean you should deter from your own personal style. If you’re not used to wearing bold, bright colors, go with the gray, black and white. If you’re not used to wearing oversized earrings and interested in making bold statements, choose jewelry with a more subtle, feminine feel. Remember, it’s all about expressing your sense of style in something that’s a little bit more comfortable than everyday clothing.


  • Accompany your look with sneakers

Wearing a great pair of sporty sneakers will round off your look for the day. Since you are changing up your look slightly and sporting the workout look, it may not be such a bad idea to invest in new sneakers. Available in an array of styles and colors, you can go all out by purchasing quality sneakers that’ll last for years. They may be somewhat expensive depending on the brand, but you won’t have to buy a new pair anytime soon.


  • Add matching jewelry

It’s definitely ok to add matching jewelry to your sporty look. Remember, you will be seeing work colleagues exploring the everyday world outside of the gym, so there’s nothing wrong with adding a few jewelry pieces. Of course, it’s highly trendy to match 90’s-style jewelry with athleisure, but it’s completely up to you to choose what makes you feel comfortable. Comfort is key!

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  • Have fun!

Most importantly, it’s critical to have fun throughout the process of inventing your athleisure look. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if you’re out of place. Athleisure is here to stay and will be entering the corporate world more frequently. Loved by celebrities and worn proudly by sporty women on a daily basis, you can feel just as comfortable on a daily basis.


  • Think that any stain is acceptable

Stains and sweat marks are absolutely prohibited from athleisure. Your look is supposed to be sporty and sophisticated, not tacky and old. Regardless of the size of the stain or what the stain is from, eliminate any items with stains as it’ll ruin your whole athleisure look. Keep those items in the back of your closet for gardening and renovating your home.


  • Wear frumpy items

Frumpy is out. Purchase items that fit. Remember, you’re not on your way to the gym where you may want to hide a little bit of skin. You’re on your way to work or about to run a few errands. Purchase athleisure items that fit well, accentuate your curves and leave you feeling confident. At the end of the day, that’s exactly how you want to feel!


  • Match your look with heels

Look, now’s your chance to ditch the heels and wear something a lot more comfortable. For years, women have been complaining about the agony of being on their feet in heels all day, only wearing them because it’s formal and matches the corporate environment. With athleisure, you can wear sneakers all day, so take full advantage of it! You deserve it.


  • Reveal your butt silhouette

Never, under any circumstances, let your butt show (unless you’re actually going to the gym) Otherwise, it’s best to wrap a light jacket around your waist or ensure that your top reaches the curve of your butt; ultimately hiding your butt from the world. It’s not appropriate within a work setting and regardless of how badly you try not to look, you simply can’t help it.

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  • Wear dirty sneakers

Always ensure that your sneakers are clean and dirt-free. Not only does it make you look careless and plain ol’ dirty, it completely ruins the whole athleisure look. Purchase new sneakers if your old ones are unsalvageable or implement some serious elbow grease in order to get rid of unwanted marks, but never leave the house with stained sneakers!


  • Let anyone see your socks

This should be one of the most important rules of stylish athleisure: never let anyone see your socks. It’ll make you look highly geeky and spoil your cool sporty look. Instead, choose ‘secret socks’, you know, the kind that only reaches your ankles. That way you can still wear socks to prevent your feet from smelling, but you’ll avoid looking a little bit dorky. It’s a must if you want to look sophisticated and cool at the same time.

Remember, athleisure is all about looking stylish and sophisticated in what is known as gym clothing. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this particular look or even go out of your way to follow the rules. It’s pretty simple. Look as if you’ve just stepped out of the dryer and about to have the best workout of your life, but enjoy a comfortable day at work with sneakers.

Women will envy you, men will desire the fact that you’re wearing ‘yoga pants’ and you’ll feel quite comfortable throughout the day without compromising your sense of style and sophistication. It’s all about wearing clothing that makes you feel confident by adding a few trendy athleisure pieces to your closet this spring/summer.

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