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July 25, 2017 3 min read

Flared jeans onlineDenim has been making the rounds for years and will continue to be the easiest, most lasting piece of fashion material to wear. With so many styles, colors, and shapes to choose from, you’re bound to found the exact pair of jeans you’re looking for.

However, if you do happen to flaunt a pear shaped body shape, you’ll most like need to wear flared jeans in order to balance your body out. Although skinny jeans are great for some women, they may do the complete opposite to your body shape.

Thus, if you’re interested in purchasing a flared jean online, be sure to keep the following tips in mind in order to fashionably maintain your flared look:

1. Accompany your jeans with a fitted blazer

Flared jeans can easily look quite casual, so if you plan on wearing them to a special occasion or you’d like to look a little bit dressed up for work, why not add a fitted blazer to spruce it up a bit – especially if your jeans have a white washed look. Be sure to choose the correct blazer by ensuring that it doesn’t reach past your hip bones. It’s also important to ensure that the color of your blazer complements your skin tone – perhaps matching your lip color for the day.

2. Match it with a button down blouse

If you’re unsure of which blouse to wear with your flared jeans, you can never go wrong with a simple button up in a color that matches your skin tone. Certain button up blouses are available in chiffon materials which create quite a sophisticated look if you wear a classy tank top underneath. Alternatively, you can choose to tuck half of the button up into your jeans or leave it hanging loose. The decision completely depends on your style preference of the day.

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3. Pair it with a matching kimono

Then again, if you do want to add a boho twist to your flared jeans look, don’t forget to accompany your jeans with a stylish kimono. Available in various styles, colors, patterns, and lengths, you can easily find the exact type of kimono that matches your body type. Since kimonos are still very much in fashion, you can go crazy by adding a simple edition to an already chic look.


4. Don’t forget your wedges

Flared jeans can make you appear to be extremely casual unless you decide to add a pair of wedged or heels. In order to make your look appear chic and classy, it’s important that your flared jeans cover your shoes for the most part – avoiding a look that makes your jeans appear too short.  Besides, it’ll also add an inch or two to your original height which is great for shorter girls!

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5. Why not add a graphic t-shirt?

On the other hand, jeans were made for you to be casual while you carry on with normal everyday tasks, so why not add a simple fitted t-shirt that expresses your personality to a ‘T’? With so many options to choose from online or in store, you’ll have more than one option for choosing the best t-shirt for the job. Remember, though, that you can still add wedged to give yourself a little bit of a height boost and spruce up a simple t-shirt look.

6. Add a plain white top

There’s nothing that screams simple like a crisp white top to round off your flared jeans look. Whether you choose a tank top, a t-shirt, a button up shirt, or even a tunic, you can glam it up by adding colorful accessories to match the white ‘canvas’. Remember, although there are rules to wearing flared jeans fashionably, you can still go with the flow and go the simple route with a simple white blouse to match your outfit.


Need flared jeans inspiration to match the above-mentioned tips? Visit our online clothing boutique to add flare in your fashion and purchase flared jeans online.


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