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January 18, 2017 4 min read

what to wear to workWith a new year, a new you is bound to emerge within the office space. However, that’s easier said than done. It’s only natural that you’d want to change your look up a bit and even improve it in order to put your best foot forward; possibly hoping to get noticed to be next in line for a raise, right? Which leaves you with the age-old question asked by yourself most mornings: what to wear to work?

In order to solve this dilemma for once and for all, giving you endless hassle-free mornings and a chance to avoid embarrassing yourself in front of important colleagues, we’ve come up a checklist of office fashion ideas to offer some inspiration.

Here goes! Find inspiration with the following office fashion ideas.

  • Appropriate sandals

Sandals should and can only be worn to work if you work within a creative environment. Otherwise, sandal won’t ever work at work. If your work environment does allow for sandals, leave you flip flops at home. You still need to come across as appropriate and presentable to clients. Never forget to match your shoes to some part of your outfit to make it look even more appropriate, and add a sparkly sandal or two to the mix if you can.


  • Matching handbag

The oldest rule of fashion is to always match your handbag and shoes. Not only will you appear more sophisticated and appropriate for work, you’ll look a lot more put together and ‘expensive’; even if you’re broke. If it seems like too much of a hassle to switch handbags on a daily basis, why not add a handy handbag organizer that can easily be removed if need be.


  • Sexy heels

Seem more in control and sophisticated by adding a pair of sexy heels to your look every once in a while. If you’re unsure of which color to choose or you only have a select number of heels to wear, always go with nude. It’ll match your skin tone if you have Caucasian skin, of course. Your legs will also appear longer and leaner; giving you that extra little bit of length that every woman desires.


  • Little black dress

No closet is complete without a sexy little black dress. Depending on your body type, always match the shape of the dress to your curves. Apart from the fact that it’s oh so practical; being able to wear it anywhere and to any occasion, it’s extremely easy to pair with any accessories and any type of makeup. You’ll turn heads at work for all the right reasons and possibly even get noticed by all the right individuals.

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  • Beautiful blouse

It’s one of those must-have items for every woman’s closet; especially if you’re trying to build a closet worthy of a corporate environment. Add an array of prints and patterns to your blouse selection to make your upper body the focal point to your whole outfit; choosing a blouse with an appropriate neckline for a work environment.


  • Fit and flare dress

There’s so much you can do with a fit and flare dress; especially if you work within a creative environment. Pretty much anything goes, as long as you look neat and presentable. Available in an array of colors, patterns, and shapes, our fit and flare dresses are perfect for the modern-day woman who wants to add a little bit of fun to her work wardrobe. Pair them with heels or ankle boots, scarves, and matching accessories to finish off your look.


  • Fashionable accessories

Never forget about adding matching accessories to your work wardrobe. Remember to keep them sophisticated and in moderation to avoid looking like a cheap window display. Fashionable accessories will finish off your look and turn a boring outfit into a memorable fashion expression. Give it a try and express your personality through your chosen accessories for women.


  • Maxi dress

The maxi dress is perfect for combining comfort and a sense of style. Of course, if you work within a corporate environment, the ordinary maxi dress won’t cut it. However, it’s perfect for creative careers that require less serious and more fun. Pair it with your favorite flats or sandals and add a few accessories to finish off your look. Match your lip color and you’re well on your way to the first few weeks of the new year.


  • Utility jacket

Always leave a utility jacket in the back of your vehicle for those moments when you wish you had something extra to protect you against the elements. Utility jackets are also great for pairing with sexy skinny jeans and heels and can finish off an ordinary work look into a brand new fashion statement. You definitely won’t regret it and co-workers will envy your sense of style.


  • Soft comfy sweater

They’re great for adding comfort to your look without making you look untidy and lazy. Soft comfy sweaters should be added to every woman’s wardrobe; whether you’re a stay at home mom or work in an office. Available in an array of styles and colors, soft comfy sweaters will complete a smart casual look if paired with the right accessories and shoes. Never forget about adding the necessary basics that’ll round off any look and enjoy the comforts of wearing something that can easily be purchased at an online boutique.

By adding the above-mentioned items to your new closet, you’re bound to make an impression regardless of your work circumstances. Whether you’re surrounded by a corporate atmosphere or you work in a creative environment, there’s something for everyone; giving you the chance to stand out from the crowd and possibly making it known that you’re worth the raise. Besides, there’s no better way to start the year off fresh than by adding a few fresh fashion pieces to your wardrobe. Go on, spoil yourself a little bit by finding dresses online at Lotus Online Boutique!


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