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July 21, 2017 4 min read


Rush and Go Greek


Are you going through sorority recruitment and just don't know what to wear? Well, Lotus Boutique has you covered! We have made an easy guidebook to help you on choosing the perfect outfits for rush week! We know you have so many questions that are very overwhelming when there is so much to consider. If you are stressed out by trying to find the ideal outfit, this article is 100% for you! We have done our research, and we are so pumped to help our LotusLoves out on your perfect sorority rush week outfits! This guidebook should help you tremendously and should give you much needed inspiration!

Day 1 & 2: Ice Water Tea's

Ice Water Tea Round

Have you been saving that sundress for the perfect occasion? These first two days of recruitment parties are exactly where you need to show off your new sundress! The dress code for most schools on this day is comfortable casual. A lightweight sundress that is a perfect dress suitable for hot weather. You will be visiting every sorority for this round. You want to make the best first impression possible! It is important that you are comfortable, but we suggest no shorts and t-shirts! Our "Couldn't Be Better Printed Dress" is one of our favorites because of the back detail! This print is beautiful and will be sure to catch peoples eye! Another great option to wear on these ice water tea rounds is our "On The Wild Side Neon Coral Sleeveless Dress." The color is bright and beautiful! Last but not least is our "Part Of Your World Royal Printed Dress." This lovely dress has a unique print that everyone will love!

Sundresses For Rush

Day 3 & 4: Philanthropy Round

Philanthropy Round Shorts

The next round of sorority recruitment is where each sorority shows you a little bit about their own philanthropy. A philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. The dress for this day is more casual. Rushees normally wear casual cute shorts like our "Royal Blue Scalloped Shorts." If you just love scalloped shorts our "Someone Like You White Scalloped High Waist Shorts" are another great comfortable option. You want these shorts to be comfortable enough to sit on the floor. You also want these shorts to be an appropriate length, like our "Lovely In Black Pleated High Waist Shorts." Most panhellenic councils will supply t-shirts for the potential new members. This round is a great opportunity to wear cute comfortable sandals. You can also wear printed shorts; your t-shirt will most likely be a solid, so printed shorts are perfect! Our "Run With the Pack Printed Shorts" and "Boho BAE Rust Printed Shorts" are a great wear for this round of recruitment.


Day 5: Sisterhood Day

Sisterhood Day

On sisterhood / skit day most schools recommend wearing a more fancy dress like our"Pleated In Pink Flare Dress." This dress should be suitable for church or a nice dinner. This cute dress should be a happy medium between a sundress and a cocktail dress. Our "Yes To The RSVP Red Halter Dress" and our "Come Play With Me Blue Fit and Flare Dress" will be perfect dresses for this round. We also love our "All In Good Fun Stripe Fit and Flare Dress."You will want to wear nice wedges on this day. We suggest that you bring flats to slip on in between parties. You will be walking around from party to party, so keep your feet well rested with flats while you are not in the parties.


Day 6: Preference Day

Preference Day Wear

What to wear: You need our "Success Of the Little Black Dress;" it is the perfect dress for preference day! Dress code is the dressiest of them all. You would wear a dress you might wear to formal church or a wedding reception, like our "Dance the Night Away Little Black Dress." Many people choose to wear something black because black is a formal color. Colors other than black are appropriate and commonly worn. You also may like our "Shimmy and Shake Black Tassel Trim Dress" or our "Feeling Shifty Little Back Shift Dress" for a more comfortable but appropriate dress. If you are comfortable in heels, we recommend wearing heels. You will only be going to three parties this day. It is the final day! YAY!!


Final Day: Bid Day

Bid Day

AHHHHH!! BID DAY is here! This is the round out find out where your home is! You are going to end up exactly where you are supposed to! Today you will want wear comfortable shorts! You will be give a t-shirt/ jersey that your new sorority will supply!You will be taking a TON of pictures, so wear shorts that you look great in! Our "Vibrant High Waist Denim Shorts" are the perfect shorts for this day! We have so many option here at Lotus, like our "Everything Is Fine Ivory Pleated Shorts," "Bolt From The Blue Shorts," and "Spring Break Ready White Cut Off Jean Shorts."


If you have any follow up questions after this article/blog, research your new collegiate school's panhellenic website. They should have dress codes for each and every day of recruitment. Recruitment dress codes vary between schools, but they are also very common across the board! Have a wonderful and stress free rush week!

Love, Lotus

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