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July 10, 2017 4 min read

summer outfit ideasEmbracing the warm weather this summer requires getting your wardrobe in shape in order to fully enjoy sunny summer days. It’s getting rid of the old (or at least tucking it away until next year) and embracing the new. This summer, it’s all about adding flowy materials, bright bold colors or simply going with white, and adding a touch of sophistication – even if you plan on going to the beach or visiting the local park.

Don’t forget, this summer, to embrace your inner celebrity by doing what the stars do. Here’s how you can dress like a celebrity on your summer vacation.

1. Wear loose fitting clothes

Feeling carefree and flowy is the trend for 2017; ensuring that you leave something for the imagination. Remember, not every clothing item you choose has to be tight fitting. Opt for a flowy romper or maxi dress in order to stay cool and comfortable. Remember to add colors that complement your complexion and clothing silhouettes that match your body type. Most importantly, just be free this summer.

 2. Go with strapless

If your body type allows for it, don’t be afraid to go strapless every once in a while. In fact, the collar bone and shoulders are probably the sexiest part of a woman’s body, so why wouldn’t you want to show it off? Ensure that you have enough support where it matters most in order to dress like a celebrity in a strapless dress or top.

 3. Choose a midi length dress

Rock your summer outfit choices by opting for a midi length dress – neither short nor full length. If it buttons up at the top, be daring enough to unbutton it slightly. This type of summer fashion choice is great if you’re the type of woman who as slender ankles and interested in feeling like a celebrity on your summer vacation. They’re all doing it now so why not join in?

 4. Don’t forget your shorts and T

There’s nothing more comfortable than wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt – ensuring that both of those match. If you want, you can match them with a pair of stain-free sneakers or even sandals; giving your shorts and T look a simple, but effective twist. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to be as comfortable as you possibly can whilst dressing like a celebrity on your summer vacation?

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5. Remember your denim cut offs

Denim, fortunately, will never go out of style. Thus, why would summer 2017 be any different? This year on your summer vacation, remember to pack a pair or two of denim cut off shorts in order to pair them with a sexy blouse and hip sneakers. Always remember to accessorize, especially when wearing denim as it can look a little bit dull if you don’t liven it up a little bit.

 6. Opt for a little bit of navy

You don’t necessarily have to go on a boat trip in order to be able to wear navy. In fact, you’ll be matching the summer vacation celebrity fashion trend by choosing to add a little bit of navy to your wardrobe. You can either match it with white or go all out in a navy jumpsuit; flattering your curves in all the right places.

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7. Pack your whites

This summer 2017, the whiter the brighter. It used to be quite taboo to wear all white for the day, now it’s a sign of sophistication and poise. So don’t be afraid to add an all-white outfit to your summer vacation fashion choices. Alternatively, you can also add elements of white to an existing outfit by ensuring that you choose the right type of white. Remember, if you have pale white skin, it’s best to choose ivory instead of bright white due to the possibility of it washing you out completely.

 8. Where’s your A-line mini skirt?

Show off your legs this summer 2017 by adding an A-line skirt to your wardrobe. With so many styles, shapes, forms, and colors, you’re bound to find an A-line skirt that matches your sense of style whilst still looking like a celebrity on your summer vacation. Not only will an A-line skirt make your waistline seem super tiny, you’ll also flaunt legs for days.

 9. Add sporty to the mix

In the world of celebrity this summer 2017, sporty and casual seems to be the trend. The more comfortable you are, the more ‘in’ you’ll appear. You can easily achieve this look by adding a pair of sneakers to a mini skirt or even a pair of shorts. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a midi length dress in order to combine girly and sporty. Remember, comfort is key when it comes to dressing like a celebrity.

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10. Never forget the color!

Color is of the utmost importance this summer 2017, ensuring that you add hints of boldness throughout your outfit choice. If you really want to light up your day, it’s appropriate to choose a bright bodycon dress matched with a pair of heels or even sneakers; ensuring that you don’t fade into the background this summer.

The above-mentioned summer fashion tips are meant to offer some direction the next time you decide to do a little bit of online shopping. One great and convenient way of doing that is by visiting our Instagram boutique for all the latest in summer fashion tips and outfit ideas.

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