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July 13, 2018

 Trendy's Women's Tops Shopping Guide

You watch it streaming live from entertainment television, read about it in magazines hot off the press and hear chatter about it everywhere you go. It can defy the odds, change society and make history… what is the “it” we speak of? FASHION TRENDS! That’s right! Whether you’re a fashion fiend and can’t get enough or simply couldn’t care less, fashion trends are actually a pretty big deal and have defined society, as we know it today, and will continue to alter our culture till the end of time. So what’s the big deal about trends anyway and how can clothing make that big of an impact in our life? Well, you have either heard your parents talk about what they used to wear or tell stories yourself about fashions that were popular when you grew up. Whether it was shoulder pads, leg warmers and perms of the 80’s or overalls, bare midriffs and scrunchies of the 90’s, you look back to your adolescence and always remember those unforgettable fashion trends. Trends are apart of life, as every year we await the new fashions on the runway and tune in to see what celebrities are wearing to award shows all just to see what will be the next big thing. It’s all about trends! When you look back at a decade, you can recall the following things: big political news or worldwide event like a natural disaster, popular entertainment of the era whether it be toys, technology, music or a big movie release, and fashion trends. Every decade is defined by the popular fashions of the time and that’s why trends are fun to be apart of and important to remember… because we are living history in the making!

The influence of fast fashion has taken off over the last decade and with the growth of trendy online boutiques offering affordable ready to wear styles, it has become easier to keep your closet up-to-date with what’s popular. The appeal of lower price points and keeping up with the Jones’ has revolutionized the fashion industry and so is the need to accommodate this high demand. Wear now looks are just as well made as your classic capsule wardrobe pieces, just without pricy fabric options like 100% silk or real fur. So unless you just hate to shop, there really isn’t a reason not to keep up with the trends each season. Shop styles for now, and then shop new ones later. For those fashion lovers that love to shop anyway, this fast fashion phenomenon gives you all the more reason to make sure your closet is always full of the newest looks for every season! 

It’s important to review current trends and popular fashions from earlier in the season to help identify key elements that will be taking us into the next season. Especially for the fashion lovers, fashion forecasting and seeing how history repeats itself by reintroducing trends in an entirely new way is just pretty cool. Plus, knowing what’s in style right now comes in handy, as unexpected events pop up all the time and you don’t want to stick out in an outdated outfit! So we’re going to go over a few fashion highlights from this season focusing specifically on women’s tops, as top styles have become a dominant force in the fashion world these days with more designs available than any other apparel product!

Trendy women’s tops come in all shapes and styles, and we take a look into the best fashion trends and latest looks so far this year, and then sneak a peek into the upcoming trendy women’s top fashions for fall 2018!

Trendy Top Styles

Trendy women’s tops often feature a popular fashion trend that’s common across each style type, but there are two leading trends this year that are across the board and can be found on every top style out there.

Tie Front Tops

  • Tie front tops started to enter the fashion scene as a hot new trend in 2017 and this year they are a must have fashion staple! You can shop this look from a basic tee to an off shoulder blouse, as every style top out there will have tie front options to choose from! Whether a small tie bow or a long tie knot, all tie styles are equally popular.
-  The front ties are usually found at the hem and are just a stylish feature, but some styles tie in the middle and are functional, like the crop top shown above in black.
-  Tie front tops are cute and stylish and definitely add the statement detail that takes your outfit to the next level!

Wrap Tops

  • The wrap trend is huge this year and can be found on fashion-savvy dresses, stylish rompers and trendy women’s tops. Wrap tops come in every style too, such as your knit tees, crop tops and blouses.
-  You can find many mock wrap styles where a top is essentially made to look like it wraps, but the fabric is actually sewn to the inside side seams and the side tie is just an added feature. These styles are easier to throw on and go since you don’t have to fuss with adjusting the fit every time you wear it. It is hard to distinguish whether a top is a true wrap or a mock wrap, which is a good thing because why not have a closet full of both styles?
-  True wraps are functional and can be found on knit tops to fine blouses and usually tie on the left side of the waist. Some styles, like the stripe blouse in the picture below, wrap and tie in the back. Wrap tops are chic and sophisticated and look flattering on all body types. We can’t complain about the popularity of this fashion trend!
-  Another great feature about wrap tops is the hemline, as asymmetric hems are also a trendy style this year. Whether an angled or rounded corner design, both look amazing and add a little overlap flair to your outfit.

#1- Basics

Your everyday basics and even your classic top designs can have a trendy twist to them, and we’ve caught on to a few different looks that take your easy wearing tops to must have trendy pieces.

Basic Tops

  • One feature you’ll find on a trendy women’s tee is a front pocket. Front pocket tees add a little flair and extra style to your every day regular basic top. They are just cute and fun and an easy way to swap up look from your typical t-shirt.
  • Hemlines aren’t as simple this year, as you’ll find a range of hems from ruffled to asymmetric in all styles of clothes; however, a current trend with your basic tees today is a curved hemline. This is where the front and back of your top are longer in length forming a curve making the side length shorter. They are great for wearing over tight-fitting bottoms like skinnies and leggings. You can also change up your style by tying a front knot and wearing with a cute pair of shorts.
  • Another trend are side slits on your everyday basic tee. This style is so cute in general and can be worn with any style bottom, but this type of tee is especially great for wearing with athleisure wear. Mesh leggings or pair of joggers, particularly ones with side leg detail, just need an oversize tee with side slits to pair with them for a trip to the gym or just running errands around town.
- We took the side slit trend fashion up a notch and styled our white tee with a distressed denim midi skirt, platform slide sandals and druzy drop earrings for the perfect day-to-night outfit! Also pictured above, we took the latte-colored one and opted for a pair of cuffed distressed denim shorts, wedges and beaded choker for an outfit you can where to a festival or to lunch with friends. A couple of different looks you can get with a stylish and trendy side slit top!
  • Surplice style tops are big this season as they give you the popular wrap look without all the fuss! Definitely a stylish way to take your simple tee outfit and turn it into a trendy look! Comfortable, stylish and easy wearing, that makes this basic top style a trend favorite in our book.

#2- Tees

T-shirt styles for women are currently all about taking your everyday tee and turning it into a trendy fashion.

 Graphic Tees

  • Graphic tees have been growing in popularity the past few years and this year’s trend is all about word graphics. These graphics are usually cute little phrases that describe your lifestyle or some how identify with who you are or what you like to do. Whether you are a “mama bear” or a “girl who brunches”, these graphic tees add a little whimsy to your outfit and can also give your girls a good laugh! Yep, witty mantras are found on there too along with many related to a holiday or special event.

- Styling graphic tees is more than just throwing on with a pair of shorts, although you definitely could do so, but you’ll see styles ranging from front tucking into a denim skirt to wearing under a cute pair of overalls. Rockin’ your trendy graphic tee in an outfit that wows is the look you want to go for when putting an outfit together. The graphic tee is a statement on its own and we have embraced the look and can’t get enough!

  • The oversize trend, also referred to as boyfriend style, is widely popular due to its versatility in layering and easy wearing design for all day comfort. Bralettes peeking out whether it’s lace detail on the shoulder, strappy neckline design, or a mix of both lace and strappy style in the back, is a popular way to style your oversize tee. The oversize silhouette let’s you have some fun and play around with showing off your different bralette styles. For summer, thinner fabrics give you the most versatility with layering different pieces. Whether you want to wear your oversize tee off the shoulder with a bralette and cami or twist in a front knot over your bathing suit for a day at the beach, you have a number of options with this trendy tee style. You will also see this tee style continue into fall but with thicker, sweater-like fabrics like waffle-knit thermal and fleece. The “throw on and go” kind of look, or effortless style, is super trendy right now, especially with the rise of athleisure-wear in the fashion world.

#3- Blouses & Shirts

Shoulders, sleeves and buttons, oh my! Trendy top styles you must have in your closet this season include fun variations of exposed shoulders, sleeve detail and button up fronts.

Off Shoulder & Cold Shoulder Tops

  • Not just a warm weather trend, but rather a year round style we can’t get enough of, the off shoulder and cold shoulder looks are trendy designs you definitely want to add to your wardrobe, if you haven’t done so already.
Cold shoulder tops kicked off the exposed shoulder trend, which in return quickly brought the off shoulder style into the fashion scene. The cold shoulder trend has died down a little, in comparison to the off shoulder look; however, the cold shoulder design has updated a bit and consists of large open shoulder designs that essentially drape below the shoulder and down the arm. This gives that coveted flowy look and adds sleeve detail that is also on trend.
Off shoulder tops are more popular than they’ve even been before, or at least it seems that way. There are many types of off shoulder designs that include smocking, fabric overlay, ruffles and tie sleeves just to name a few. The mass appeal to this trend even in the cooler seasons doesn’t seem to be dying down soon either! If you are looking to update your closet the #1 trendy top to add to your selection should be an off shoulder design hands down!
  • Sleeve styles amp up your trendy top game as you can find designs ranging from big flutter sleeves to flirty ruffle tiers. Fashion-savvy outfits start with a statement top and sleeve detail has a lot to do with how big of statement you want to make. Go big and dramatic, sweet and sophisticated or trendy and stylish; just change up your sleeve style to get the look you’re going for!

Button Front Tops

  • Button fronts have been a popular theme across a wide variety of shirt styles this season. But not just found on your typical button up collared shirts and blouses, however, but also on trendy women’s tanks, tees and basic top styles. This button up trend is often seen in combination with other on trend fashions, such as off the shoulder or tie front designs, for additional style. One particular style that is especially trendy is a short sleeve knit button up tie front top, like the bottom-middle oatmeal example above. Comfortable and fashionable make this easy-wear design perfect for wearing throughout the year.

#4- Tanks

This year’s trendy tank styles are all about fun necklines and hemlines, plus a little back detail and cutouts if you want to add a little edge to your outfit.

Flowy Tank Tops

  • Go with the flow. We have noticed that tank tops have been gradually getting flowier over the years and it seems like the more flutter it has the trendier it is. Form-fitting tanks are worn as either a first layer or as a simple separate to tuck into a high waist pair of bottoms. These fitted tanks are essentially treated as an under layer and not necessarily your go-to fashion top to wear out on the town in. Current tank top fashions consist of a free flowing silhouette with many styles giving off a boho chic vibe we absolutely love! This flowy style is usually longer in length making it great for wearing over tight-fitting bottoms like skinny jeans and leggings. A trendy way to style flowy tops to accommodate the longer length when wearing with shorts or a skirt is to tie your tank into a side knot or slightly tuck in the front.
-  Not all tanks are long and billowy however, as there are many flowy crop tanks that are just as trendy and fashion-forward. You still get that wispy look in a shorter length, which pair perfectly with high waist bottoms!
-  Baby doll style tanks fall hand-in-hand with the flowy silhouette due to the same effect made with a drop empire, or baby doll, waistline. An easy-wearing and popular top style in general is a baby doll top, and a baby doll tank is just as stylish and on trend.

Asymmetric & Double Hem Tank Tops

  • Symmetry out, asymmetry in. Asymmetric hemlines this year are a little more prevalent than the distinct high-low style seen years past. In combination with the wrap trend, asymmetric hemlines create a fashionable look in an effortless way. The balance of long, flowy material with an asymmetric hem enhances the breezy effect and overall style.
-  Another hemline trend we’re seeing is a double-layered hem. An extra layer of fabric shorter then the layer underneath adds even more flowy movement and chic style.

Tank Tops With Ruffle Accents

  • Ravishing ruffles.Ruffle detail has continued to be a fashion trend for a while now and one the hottest looks for top styles this season include ruffled hemlines, ruffle overlays or vertical ruffle accents. Ruffles embellish your outfit with a little frill that is feminine and chic. The ruffle detail isn’t overbearing; it adds just enough flair to take your top from simple and plain to trendy and stylish!

Tank Top Styles

  • Nothing but necklines. One of the fun ways flowy tanks differentiates their look this season is by the style of the neckline. From halter and high neck designs to scoop and V-necks styles, necklines are one of the features that define top trends this season. Adding a unique element to the neckline like a cute little cutout or a fun lace-up design is fashionable too, as trendy tops like to mix a few popular looks together for one high fashion design!
  • When in doubt, cut it out. Another trend that is playful and fun is the way cutouts are incorporated into top fashions this year. Rather than seeing cutouts on the sides of the bodice, around the waist or on the shoulders, we are seeing cutouts this season in a sophisticated way that is chic and stylish. From a small keyhole cutout in a high neck design to a V-back cutout that isn’t too revealing, this trend gives you a mix of sweet style with a spicy edge and we are totally diggin’ it!
  • We got your back. Open back detail has been a common theme across all apparel departments for a while now, but trendy top styles feature peek-a-boo backless designs that are fun and set your look apart from everyone else. It’s not all about how much skin you can bare, but rather a stylish focus on your top design.
-  From V-backs to keyhole cutouts to cross back straps and lace-up styles too, you have tons of different designs to choose from that are trendy and fashion forward.
-  As we mentioned above, layering stylish bralettes underneath are a great way to change up your look or add a touch of softness or edge to your outfit. This trend is not just for spring and summer but for fall and winter too, as you saw last year’s twist back sweater everywhere you went! We are predicting this open back design will continue into fall and are excited to see the different style variations that make it onto the scene this year.

Trendy Top Colors & Prints

So far this year, we’ve seen the leading Pantone colors for Spring/Summer 2018 across all clothing styles and balanced with a palette of soft summer neutrals. In addition to the mix, we’ve also seen a considerable number of styles with a rainbow of colorful hues in one hot look! Trendy women’s tops start with the colors of the season and this summer’s vibrant shades of cherry tomato red, meadowlark mustard and all shades of pink lavender and ultra violet have been especially popular.

  • For Fall 2018, jewel tones will become the new trendy shades of the season, including rich hues of blue, green and red especially. We are gearing up for the lavish color palette coming soon for fall!
  • As millennial pink has been gradually dissipating, we are especially excited for the new colors making it into the fashion scene this upcoming fall season. No offense millennial pink, we just look forward to adding a new trendy hue to our closet!
For more information on warm weather trends this season with styling tips and more, view our related post: Spring & Summer Trends for 2018.

    Pantone Colors S/S 2018

    Pantone Colors S/S 2018

    Pantone Colors S/S 2018

    Pantone Colors S/S 2018

    **Credited Picture Source: https://www.pantone.com/fashion-color-trend-report-new-york-spring-2018

    Lotus Boutique Fabric Prints S/S 2018

    Maybe even more popular than sporting a trending color this season is wearing a stylish print. From stripes to florals and tropical patterns too, spring and summer prints can be found across all types of trendy women’s tops this season.

    • Allover floral designs in large-scale blossoms to micro-florals are the botanical styles trending this season. Floral print has been a year-round trend and many of your spring and summer trendy floral tops can be taken into fall, if the color hues allow. Opt for subdued hues and muted tones of red, mustard or purple and deep shaded neutrals.
    • Tropical print has been widely popular the past couple of warm weather seasons and dominated the print scene this summer. From palm prints to hibiscus flowers, if you dress like you’re in tropical paradises then you are rockin’ this trend the right way! Although we won’t see this trend move into fall, we will most likely see their appearance next spring.
    • Stripes are a print you can’t go wrong with and trendy top designs this season have taken many shapes and forms. From classic pinstripes to rainbow hued variegated candy stripes, you cannot go without a trendy striped top in your closet this season! 

    For outfit ideas, styling inspiration and a more detailed look about this season’s print trends, view our related post: Top Print Trends for Spring & Summer 2018.

    Fall 2018 Preview

    Forecasted trends for Fall 2018 include a rich jewel-tone color palette, ritzy details and traditional patterns from classic animal print to pretty in plaid. Many styles are a nod to 80’s fashions but interpreted in a new way as well as other styles from the past making their way back to the runway. Trendy women’s top styles to be on the lookout for include: 

    1. Animal Print: Animal print lovers rejoice because we can finally pull out our treasured animal print pieces we all have in our closets! You know, that ultra-glam leopard print overcoat that looks amazing with everything? Yes, we are pretty excited about this year’s animal print trend and can’t wait to add trendy new styles to our wardrobe. White snow leopard print blouses... are we dreaming? Your animal print dreams are coming true and the bolder the print the hotter the look. Striking tiger and zebra prints will definitely add edge to your look and should start at the top of your shopping list. Dressy blouses and knit sweaters in animal print will be your go-to trendy tops for fall!
    2. Red: Among the lavish shades of jewel tone colors expecting to make their début for fall, red is projected to be the dominant color to have in your closet.  Bright red is trending to be hottest hue, but all notes of this gorgeous color will be just as fashion-forward. Think power reds when shopping for trendy tops this upcoming fall season. 
    3. Ruching: Gathered sides, ruched sleeves and center front ruching are just a few ways you can expect to see this trend in all sorts of clothing styles, but especially trendy tops, for fall. 
    4. Embellishments: We all love a fun little accent on our trendy women’s tops, and this season we can expect to see sequins, fringe and the use of silver in every way in the upcoming fall fashions. Sequins are always a yes in our book and silver sequin design tops are perfect for the upcoming holidays. Daytime sparkles are simply glamorous and pair perfectly with touches of black lace layered peeping out from underneath. Overstated fringe from jewels to threads will be seen in elaborate ways as well. To balance your bright red hues, just add silver to balance the boldness. Flashy silver leathers to silky silver slip camis, silver tops in all styles are pieces you want to keep your eye out for fall and holidays!

    Now that we've reviewed the hottest women’s top fashion trends so far this year and have a little more insight on what to expect to see for Fall 2018, we can go ahead and prep our closets with trendy styles that will easily take us into the next season! Check out Lotus Boutique's trendy clothing collection to follow the latest looks and trendy fashion styles as they are introduced daily!

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