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December 29, 2016 4 min read

party dressesSearching for the perfect party dress that matches your own personal style; not only giving you the ability to wear it the whole night, but also makes a lasting statement to give you the best start to a brand new year? We know how challenging it can be. You want to make sure that you’re absolutely comfortable in your chosen outfit without spending a fortune; knowing full-well that you’ll probably only wear this dress once. Ring in 2017 with 10 of the most fabulous and stylish New Year’s Eve party dresses for sophisticated women. With an array of party dresses for ladies and important New Year’s Eve fashion trends to follow, you simply can’t go wrong with our top choices listed below.

Go on, pick one! We know you want to.

  1. Night on fire sequin dress

Available in gold and silver, this particular party dress is all sparkle and even more sexy. Showcasing delicate spaghetti straps and a low neck to show a little bit of cleavage, the Night on fire sequin dress is perfect for warm summer nights or a warm indoor event.

party dresses for ladies

  1. Sequin fields bodycon party dress

Available at our online boutique, this beautiful green sequin dress adds the perfect touch of color to a spectacular New Year’s Eve party. Offering a lower back and pretty sleeves, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable if you’re not used to the ultimate party dress. Remember, buy three and get a discount!

 party dresses for ladies

  1. Top of the line halter party dress

Nothing screams sexy and sophisticated than a halter neck with added ruffles. By offering a fitted silhouette, this particular party dress is perfect for anyone with narrow shoulders and beautiful legs. Give it a try!

 party dresses for ladies

  1. Sweet memories party dress

If you’re not used to sparkles but would still like to get into the New Year’s Eve feel of things, you can’t go wrong with our Sweet memories party dress; available in navy and green. With colors this bright, you can’t fade away this coming New Year’s Eve.

party dresses for ladies

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  1. Rich red mesh cut-out bodycon cocktail dress

As a stunning alternative for anyone in search of straps, color, and the ability to show some leg, our Red mesh cut-out cocktail dress can be worn for New Year’s Eve or any memorable evening event; allowing you to showcase your bright and bubbly personality.

 party dresses for ladies

  1. Gold doesn’t rust sequin dress

If you’re unsure of which color to choose for your New Year’s Eve party dress, never forget about gold. Matching most skin tones, gold gives you a sense of great things to come; and of course a night to remember. You simply can’t go wrong by going with gold this upcoming New Year’s Eve.

 party dresses for ladies

  1. Jazzy velvet open back bodycon dress

Since the weather is slightly leaning towards the colder climates, you do want something that’ll cover up the majority of what needs protecting without making you come across as outdated. Our fashionable Jazzy velvet open back dress is perfect for a memorable New Year’s Eve party; showing off your legs and back simultaneously.

 party dresses for ladies

  1. The night is young black and gold chevron sequin dress

Go all out this New Year’s Eve and ring in 2017 with the ultimate New Year’s Eve party dress; specifically designed for women who want to sparkle underneath all the pretty lights and show off a little bit of skin. You can’t go wrong with a black and gold sequin dress; offering a discount after your third purchase.

 party dresses for ladies

  1. Saving lace red fit and flare dress

If you own a little bit more weight around your hips and stomach, trying on a party dress that flares at all the right places will offer the exact look you’re searching for this New Year’s Eve. Our Saving lace red fit and flare dress does just that; giving you the comfort and support you need.

 party dresses for ladies

  1. Sequin cheetah dress

What better way to be a little bit more daring this New Year’s Eve than with a cheetah sequin dress! Offering a little bit of cleavage and short enough to showcase your legs, this particular party dress can easily be purchased online. Make a statement this 2017 with the ultimate party dress; made in the USA.

party dresses for ladies

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Remember, you absolutely simply can’t go wrong by adding a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of flare to your fashion choice this New Year’s Eve. The great thing about choosing one of our party dresses online is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase it for a one night only event; blowing your budget and taking up valuable space in your closet. Choose a party dress that matches your style and budget; giving you’re the option to wear it again on another occasion.

Go on, enjoy your night of absolute fun and sparkles with one of our New Year’s Eve party dresses for ladies. You definitely deserve it!


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