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September 20, 2018 3 min read

Did you realize that a lot of your summer pieces can transition into your fall wardrobe when layered the right way? A lot of times we think of pieces as just being able to be worn in one season, but with layering in mind, you can incorporate pieces into your fall wardrobe from all year ‘round. Sleeveless tops and tanks that you wore freely all summer long are now the perfect tops to layer up when the cold weather comes around! Here are the best ways to layer your outfits this fall season.

When layering, it’s easiest to establish your base outfit first. This is a great way to transition into fall. I always start by picking out my top and bottom first no matter if I’m in the mood for a top and jeans or a skirt and cute tank. Once I pick out my base two pieces, then starts the fun! If I am wearing a short sleeve or sleeveless top I tend to layer with something a little heavier. This fall season, chunky sweater cardigans and denim jackets are super in style for a warmer layer. If the weather isn’t too cold, then a light utility jacket is another popular layer for this season. Another easy and stylish light layer is a kimono. You can wear a solid kimono is your outfit already has some pattern. If your outfit is solid, basic colors then pick out a fun, printed kimono to add some texture!

Next, for the layering accessories! Scarves are obviously the first thing that comes to mind with layering and rightfully so. Scarves are so easy to style and the best thing to keep you warm. As the weather transitions and it’s still warm, a light scarf is perfect to throw on with your fall outfit. When it starts getting colder, then pair your outfits with a chunky sweater scarf. You can also accessories with a cute cable knit beanie! Another accessory I love is a plaid flannel button up. I know what you’re thinking. A top as an accessory? Well, being from Alabama, we don’t get cool weather for a while in fall. So, I have my cute daytime outfit with lighter pieces to keep cool and tie a plaid flannel around my waist. Then at night when it does get a little cooler, then I already have the perfect layer tied around my waist!

Everyone knows that fall means boots and booties! To me, that just means another great way to add a layer. I love pairing my short booties with some cute socks to peak out the top. Over the knee boots are also a great way to layer and keep your legs cool while you’re rocking a skirt! Tall boots are also great to wear with jeans or leggings to keep your legs fully covered on the really cold days!

Layers are essential to staying warm, but you can still be so fashionable! It is also a great way to get the optimal wear out of your closet. Don’t just wear those tanks in summer; layer them up for the fall transition! Now that we’ve given you some tips for staying warm and layering this season, give it a try! And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box this season!

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