Ways To Use a $25 Gift Card Giveaway

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Ways to Use a $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Gift Card Giveaway

Here at Lotus Boutique we want to please the people!

So people, would you like to win a $25 gift card to spend on new clothes and accessories? So here are some ways to Use a $25 Gift Card Giveaway! This $25 gift card giveaway is available to use here at Lotus Boutique in stores or on our website. Picture yourself with a little extra spending money and tell me that entering wouldn't be worth it. Oh, you couldn't? 

Well that's good to hear because entering for this giveaway is simple and easy! Follow the link Facebook Giveaway for a $25 Gift Card and with 3 easy steps you are entered to win:

  1. Like the Facebook post.
  2. Tag a friend who would want to know about our weekly giveaway!
  3. Share the Giveaway post publicly

The reason we ask you to share the contest publicly is because if there are restrictions on your Facebook we will not be able to see that you have shared the post, unless you are sharing publicly. If we can't see that you shared the post you will not be an eligible winner. 

** This is a weekly giveaway so make sure you check our Facebook for our Wednesday Gift Card Giveaway**

What can you do with $25 at Lotus Boutique? 

There are so many things that you can get with $25 on our Online Boutique, but we have to start somewhere. I'm going to start with our accessories selection. There are chokers of all kinds for under $15 so you would still have a little extra to spend! We have basic leather chokers, layered chokers, and chokers with pendants or charms. We also have strappy bralettes, lace bralettes, and wrap necklaces for all under $25!

Velvet Choker Layered Choker Detailed Choker Choker with Pendant

Lotus has affordable basic and staple pieces that are under $25! At Lotus Boutique we have multiple colors in our casual boyfriend tops. We also have awesome liquid leggings for under $20! These leggings are the most comfortable pleather leggings and on top of that they have the best fit. Most leggings are going to be under $25, including our new athletic pants. These athletic pants have really cute detail so you could stock up if  you win this contest giveaway.  

Liquid Leggings Basic Lace Up Top Athletic Pants Grey Boyfriend Top

And last but not least we have an additional 5 pages worth of sale items under $25 for you to choose from! Check out our awesome sale section here. 

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Created on Posted by Mary Hannah Farnell Comment Link

This is awesome! I would love to win $25 to this boutique:)

Created on Posted by Meagan Beck Comment Link

This would be great to win! I love Lotus and there are so many ways to spend $25 with Lotus because of your great prices!!

Created on Posted by rosemary Comment Link


Created on Posted by Rajee Pandi Comment Link

done https://www.facebook.com/momsfocus/posts/10208774169690752

Created on Posted by Mary Harding Comment Link

I’m trying to enter

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