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February 11, 2018 8 min read

how to wear white wide-leg pantsStarting to feel the winter blues? Lucky for us, spring is right around the corner, which means white wide-leg pants, cute sandals, lightweight wraparound tops, and flowers everywhere! Before you know it, you’ll be able to pack away your heavy winter attire and fill your wardrobe with fun, bright, spring fashion.

As any fashionista would know, you simply can’t expect to prepare your closet for spring without a pair of white pants. As the foundation for any spring wardrobe, white pants fashion allows you to put together various different outfits and numerous looks with the simple change of accessories, shoes, and a blouse. Without having to spend a fortune to go from a day to night look, your white wide leg pants can carry you through spring with ease.

However, knowing how to wear white wide-leg pants may not be as easy as you think. Apart from the obvious tongue twister, white wide leg pants can either look classy or simply a little bit tacky if you’re unsure of the unspoken rules.

Thus, always keep the following guidelines in mind when wearing white wide-leg pants.

  1. Go nude:

Choosing undergarments could make or break your entire outfit. Thinking that white goes with white always ends up being the biggest mistake. Sure enough, by wearing white undergarments, your outfit will remain white, but you’ll be able to notice your underwear underneath your pants. Always choose nude undergarments when wearing white pants. Not only will nothing show through, you can also wear nude panties with any other outfit without showing evidence of wearing panties.

  1. Don’t go too tight:

White pants should never be chosen too tight. Remember, white is pretty unforgiving, especially if you have a little bit of extra weight on your thighs and upper legs. Wearing super tight white pants will end up showing every detail of your unwanted areas. Instead, choose white pants that are easy to try on without having to suck anything in. You’ll thank us for it.

  1. Choose stretch:

Comfort is always key, which is why you can’t go wrong with stretchy pants. Even if there’s a slight stretch in your white wide leg pants, you’ll end up being able to move around more freely and comfortably without pulling and tugging and creating dents where there shouldn’t be any.

  1. Opt for the correct length:

Always, but always choose white wide leg pants according to your height. Since white pants can either look extremely classy and sophisticated, they can also look tacky and messy quite easily if you choose the wrong length. Remember, knowing how to wear white wide leg pants has plenty to do with the lack of white material sweeping on the floor as you move.

  1. Avoid all white:

Sure, white is classic and can look refreshing, but all white has the potential of washing you out if you have fair skin. Instead, pair your white wide leg pants with a bold, pattern top to break the whiteness and add a little bit of color to your entire look.

That being said, there are numerous ways in which you can wear white wide-leg pants, accompanying them with various patterned blouses and colors, shoes, and even much-needed accessories. Try the following 10 ways to wear white wide leg pants in order to transform ordinary white pants into a versatile and affordable fashion item:


how to wear white wide-leg pants

Since your white wide leg pants can be the foundation for any type of look, adding a floral kimono seems like one of the best ideas we’ve ever had! Not only does it provide the layering look by wearing a color matching top underneath, it also provides extra warmth on cooler spring days. The soft lightweight fabric allows you to move around freely and the florals add to the trend of the season. Featuring ¾ sleeves, it’s a must-have for any woman’s closet!

Besides, taking into consideration that you can wear a kimono in various different ways, you don’t necessarily have to pack it away when spring season is over.


how to wear white wide-leg pants

White wide leg pants can be accompanied by various shoe styles, depending on the weather and your mood, of course. That being said, these booties in brown go excellent with white wide leg pants, adding a little bit of color to your entire look and providing a different texture in order to build the rest of your look successfully. Rocking a tall heel and interesting detail, they’re completely in demand and shouldn’t be underestimated for their ability to add extra confidence to your persona.

Why not give them a try?


how to wear white wide-leg pants

The casual sweater look allows for more of a dressed down look when accompanied by white wide-leg pants, not to mention the added unique detail which will make your entire look stand out. Remember, sweaters don’t have to resonate an old-fashioned look. With an abundance of modern style sweaters available, you’re bound to stay warm on cooler spring days without making it seem as if you’re wearing a grandma sweater.

Taking into consideration the super soft ribbed fabric, this particular tone adds that extra bit of color needed to bring your white wide-leg pants to life. Can also be worn with a sexy bralette or adhesive bra.


how to wear white wide-leg pants

Add a little bit of flare and dress your white wide leg pants up a tiny bit with a stripe ruffle top in blue. Taking into consideration that the stripes run vertically instead of horizontal, this particular blouse allows your torso to look elongated and your waist smaller. Any other way and you may end up adding extra pounds that aren’t necessarily there.

As a great fit for any shape, the ruffles add a sense of cuteness whilst hiding certain aspects of your figure that you may not want to reveal. Proudly made in the USA from 100% cotton, you’re able to easily transition into spring with a blue and white stripe top to accompany your white wide-leg pants.



how to wear white wide-leg pants

Why not spruce up your white wide leg pants by going bohemian? Although white pants can look classic and sophisticated, you can also dress it down by adding boho accessories to your look. This particular statement necklace in turquoise and silver sets the color palette for the rest of your outfit choice. Yes, it’s big and bold, but you’ll be the talk of the town. It’s a must-have for any woman’s jewelry collection and can be worn with various different outfits, especially white pants and a matching blouse.

Remember, it’s the added details that make your outfit memorable and one of a kind. Besides, how can you resist?


how to wear white wide-leg pants

Wearing white wide leg pants may not be the obvious choice, but by accompanying it with a classic and sophisticated blouse, you can easily dress it up to fit more in with the corporate look. Made from polyester and spandex in the USA, this particular stripe surplice crop top in red, black, and white stripes allows for a comfortable fit. Although not a low cleavage, you’re able to flaunt your femininity and accentuate your best assets.

At the end of the day, wearing a high-quality blouse will automatically dress up your white wide leg pants without having to make drastic changes to your look.


how to wear white wide-leg pants

Although you get the corporate look that should be part of any woman’s closet, there’s also the dressed up date night look that can be worn for various occasions. By matching black and white, you’re able to flaunt a classic look and style that has been around since before Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. With a flattering fit and classic detail to show off your collarbone, this particular look can be worn day or night. The high neck detail and open back allow for a unique look to accompany your white wide leg pants in order to show off your best assets.

Besides, when it comes to white wide leg pants for ladies, you can’t go wrong with a classic black blouse to complete the look.


how to wear white wide-leg pants

Why not try a slip on when choosing the perfect shoes for your white wide-leg pants? Flaunting a high heel and a suede feel, these particular shoes can dress up any pair of white pants – to some extent. Remember, when it comes to choosing shoes, you want to ensure that they’re comfortable to walk in. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect pair of shoes but not being able to wear them due to blisters caused by your dream shoes. Luckily, these high heel suede shoes are perfect for comfort and aesthetics.

Although there are times when you want to dress up your white wide leg pants, you don’t always have to put in extra effort to look put together. White wide leg pants can easily look fashionable with simple slip-on shoes.


how to wear white wide-leg pants

There’s simply no better way to spend your weekend than by wearing a sexy, off-the-shoulder ruffle top that shows off your belly and collarbone. Available in purple, this top is absolutely adorable and matches any white pants perfectly! Although your entire look still screams ‘fresh’ and fun, you’re also able to add a little bit of sex appeal and casualness without having to go all out. The ruffles hide any unwanted areas whilst flaunting and accentuating your best assets.

It’s a great way to dress down your white wide leg pants without going completely casual, making it an easy transition from the beach to the mall. Add a pair of matching earrings and a few bangles and you’re all set. Remember, fun, flirty, with a few ruffles here and there make for the perfect white pants outfit for ladies this spring.


how to wear white wide-leg pants

We’re absolutely in love with this piece! Not only because it perfectly matches any pair of white wide leg pants, but it’s sexy and cute all on its own, especially in pink. As an off-the-shoulder tunic right above the knee, you’re able to comfortable hide any unwanted areas without losing your edge. It’s a great piece to add to your closet, especially when transitioning from winter to spring. Not to mention the fact that your white wide leg pants automatically become the focus of attention when accompanied by a flattering pink.

This allows you to wear your white pants casually or as the perfect date night outfit. Your undergarment choice should be a strapless bra.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned ideas on how to wear white wide pants, you simply can’t deny yourself the treat of adding a pair of our Good Fortune High Waist Flare Leg Pants in white to your wardrobe. The fashion possibilities are endless, you don’t have to spend a fortune putting together different looks, and you’re able to easily transition into spring with a simple pair of white pants.

Flaunting a flattering high waist, soft fabric, a flare design, somewhat stretchy fabric, and a convenient zipper in the back, why not treat yourself to one of the most versatile and comfortable additions you’ll ever add to your closet?

Find more ways to wear white wide leg pants by visiting our online clothing boutique or by following us on Instagram.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe.


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