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February 16, 2017 4 min read

Miami beach fashionThinking of spending Spring Break 2017 in Miami? If so, you can rest assured that not only will you know what not to wear, you’ll also have a pretty clear idea of what you can and most likely should consider packing for your trip. Remember, all you need to worry about is having as much fun as possible. Let us worry about the rest!

At Lotus Online Boutique, we know that beauty is skin deep, however, we’re also aware of the fact that looking beautiful on the outside makes you feel pretty on the inside. What better way to flaunt that beauty than by choosing the right type of Miami Beach outfit ideas to match your personality; and allow you to fit in for all the right reasons.

When packing for Spring Break 2017, remember to include the following 8 Miami Beach fashion tips to your list.

1. Go bold and beautiful

We’re talking about sun, sand, and plenty of salty ocean water. We mean hot weather and bikinis. Most importantly, we’re referring to loads of fun! So why wear anything that’s less than bold and beautiful. Meaning, go for flower prints on your party dresses, choose big hats that cover your whole head, opt for pretty instead of practical. After all, you’re only there for a couple of days. You want to remember all of it, not hide some bits due to not embracing the moment.

2. Don’t be afraid of color

You can’t go to Miami Beach without some color. In fact, you can’t enjoy Spring Break 2017 fully by wearing dull clothes. Miami is all about bright and bold colors. It’s about making a statement and having fun. Miami is about flaunting your sense of beach style in a sexy way. Whatever you do, leave your blacks and grays at home. You’ll save yourself plenty of dull moments and you’ll definitely stand out for all the right reasons.

3. Remember yourshoulder bag

You’re going to need something to put all your stuff in. You can’t carry it around in your hand and you certainly don’t want to make use of an overly large bag that’ll only get in the way. Hence, you need a pretty shoulder bag to match your Miami Beach fashion sense. Choose a shoulder bag that not only matches any color, but one that’s affordable and comfortable to wear. After all, one can never have too many pretty bags.

Miami beach fashion

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4. Pack enough sandals

Sandals are a must for any girl on Spring Break. As much as you’d want to wear heels on your nightly outings, you’re going to need something to wear during the day; when exploring the beach and surrounding areas. Pack at least three pairs of sandals in order to have a variety of Miami Beach outfit ideas. Ensure that you wear your sandals ahead of time if they’re new in order to avoid any unwanted blisters. The last thing you want is having sore feet on your party week.

5. Add a pretty one piece

Sure, you do need a pretty bikini. There’s nothing more satisfying than going on holiday quite pale and coming back with tan lines. So by all means, find the perfect bikini that covers what needs to be covered. However, you’re also going to need a one-piece. It’s quite popular to wear a one-piece with some sort of sheer covering over it when entering stores or restaurants. So be sure to alternate your looks by switching between your bikini and one-piece bathing suit

6. You can’t go without a Panama hat

Yes, they’re quite typical for Miami Beach and Spring Break altogether. Perhaps even somewhat expected, but it has to be done. You simply can’t go to Miami Beach without a Panama hat. Dress it up by adding a different colored ribbon to match your outfit (if you feel like it). Wear it with your bikini. Be proud of your Panama hat and wear it with confidence. The good news is you can even wear it when you get home. Perfect when your hair is down, a Panama hat will make you feel right at home in Miami.

7. Pack amaxi dress

It’s extremely important to pack a few pretty maxi dresses. Not only are they extremely comfortable to wear, they absolutely scream Spring Break 2017 and Miami Beach fashion. Celebrities are embracing this look and so should you. Go for variety by choosing various colors and patterns found online at our online boutique. They’re easy to wash, convenient to pack, and pretty much match any body shape. Give it a try!

Miami beach fashion

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8. Sunnies is a must!

Lastly, you can’t wear your Panama hat, maxi dress, or bikini without choosing stylish sunglasses to complement your look. In fact, it’s an absolute must to wear stylish sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from the bright sun. Remember to match your face shape to your sunglasses. If not, you’ll end up looking like a lost fly; ruining your overall look completely. Keep in mind that your sunnies should never exceed your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are meant to be seen and will complement your sunglasses and face shape.

Bonus tip: Accessorize!

It’s a must to accessorize! Nothing rounds off a Miami Beach fashion look than a few added accessories for women. You can spruce up your bikini by adding gold, silver, or beads (depending on the color of your bikini and skin tone). You can even add some intrigue to a simple maxi dress. Remember, it isn’t always about the quantity. Sometimes a little bit of bling goes a long way. Be sure to match your personality to avoid frustration and complement your overall Spring Break 2017 look.


Remember, Miami Beach fashion is all about living it up and embracing your beauty. It’s about adding color to your life and embracing the body you were given. Have some fun! Experiment with different looks. Add Spring Break favorites to your overall look. Most importantly, embrace the moment. After all, you’ll only be there for a short while so you might as well make lasting memories.


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