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July 15, 2017 3 min read

romperThe weather is getting warmer, summer fashion seems to be in full swing, and the need to show off a little bit of leg whilst the sun is out happens to be on everyone’s mind. Knowing that you simply can’t go wrong with the perfect, it’s absolutely necessary that you fill your closet with a few suitable rompers to flatter your body type.

However, how do you know which one suits your body type best? With various styles, lengths, colors, and of course purposes, it’s no wonder that shopping for the perfect romper can be quite challenging. Don’t worry!

Our team of stylists will never send you out into the world of romper shopping without a little bit of guidance. Here’s how you can tell which romper is most suitable for your specific body type:

1. Apple

Women with apple body shapes tend to be “heavier” around the waist and midsection. If you do find yourself falling into this particular category, choose a romper that cinches you in by the waistline – creating a makeshift waist when it appears that you may not have much of it. Remember, there’s always a way to create any illusion with the right style tricks. If you already have a romper in your closet that you absolutely love, try adding a belt of your own to create definition.


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 2. Pear

Never be ashamed of having the body shape of a pear. Very curvy on the bottom and a little bit smaller on top, pear body shapes need to wear summer rompers which show a little bit more detail on the top half of the outfit. This will draw the attention away from your curvy hips and thighs and even out the appearance of your body.


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 3. Hourglass

Having an hourglass figure is probably one of the easiest body shapes to find the perfect romper for. Since you’re curvy all over, being equally proportioned, it’s important to find rompers which can still balance your body shape out. Focus on rompers with a cinched waistline, a v-neck, as well as fitted shorts in order to create the perfect romper look. Remember, when it’s summer and you happen to have an hourglass body shape like Beyonce, you can’t help but flaunt what was given to you.


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 4. Top-heavy

Being a little bit heavier on top is every woman’s dream, so why not own it? Top-heavy body shapes should avoid drawing even further attention to their chest area by wearing v-necks or strapless rompers. Stay away from ruffles or bling on the top half of your romper, ensuring that the bottom half also receives some attention. As a top-heavy body shape, you’ll be heavier on top and smaller everywhere else, so it’s important to even it out a little bit to create a memorable romper look.


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 5. Boy shape

The more frills, the merrier! Boy shape body shapes tend to have very little curves anywhere. Thus, it’s important to create the illusion of having curves by making use of frills, volume, flared bottoms, and ruffles. Create volume where there is none by adding more material at certain places where necessary. Create a waistline with a romper that has a waistline drawstring or add a belt to make the best of your boy shape body shape.


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Remember, when it comes to rocking the perfect romper for summer, it’s important to ensure that you have the above-mentioned tips in your mind at all times; especially when you’re out on a romper shopping spree. The last thing you want is finding a romper that looks good on the hanger, but completely lets your body down once you try it on.

There’s a romper for any and every body shape. All you have to do is remember to stick with your particular body shape in order to avoid romper disappointment.

Ready to shop for your perfect romper? Need more inspiration? Find alternative romper ideas by visiting our online clothing boutique


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