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March 06, 2017

White graduation dressesGraduation is approaching soon! Apart from the extreme excitement of finally being done with high school, there’s also the added bonus of shopping for a graduation dress. It’s true what they, though. After the dress, the rest is downhill from there. It’s important to not only find a graduation dress that makes you feel comfortable, but you absolutely need to feel like the center of attention when putting it on. There are no second chances.

When searching for graduation fashion ideas, it’s important to find a dress you’re absolutely in love with. However, it’s also important to follow the below 8 guidelines when searching for the perfect graduation dress; particularly in white. It may seem like a simple color to choose or simply no color at all, but it’s timeless. Ultimately, why would you want to wear anything less than a dress that screams ‘timeless’?

1. Choose a matching white slip

If you white graduation dress is quite see-through, you’re going to need something to cover what’s going on underneath the dress. This is where choosing a matching white slip comes in. It’s important to match the slip’s tone to your dress. As there are many variations of white, always ensure you know which white you’re actually wearing in order to match everything else.

2. Pick skin toned undergarments

Some may argue that white is the way to go, however, it’s advisable to go with undergarments that match your skin tone. Not only will it hide what’s underneath your dress much better than choosing delicates in white, you may even get away with having to wear a slip. Be sure to choose the exact tone in order to avoid letting your underwear shine through your dress; creates a worse effect than wearing white.

3. Go for quality instead of quantity

Of course, it’s always better to choose quality over quantity; for various reasons. Apart from not having to wear a slip or worry about choosing the correct tone of underwear, more expensive white dresses tend to have a slip already ‘built in’. The material also tends to be of higher quality; along with hitting all the right curves without creating bulges. Remember, you’re only graduating once so you might as well stretch your budget a little bit.

4. Implement a bold lip

Since your whole dress will be white, you can easily add some color by choosing a bold shade for your lips. Red is always a great choice, however, if you’re feeling a little bit girly, why not choose a bright pink? Remember, if you’re going with a bold lip, keep the rest of your make-up quite light to avoid looking overdone.

5. Compare prices online

The best way to find the perfect white graduation dress is by shopping online at an online boutique and comparing prices. It’s easy to open up a few browsers and comparing the different looks from there instead of having to memorize your different choices by going to an actual shopping mall. Not only can you shop from anywhere at any time, you’re also able to find exactly what you’re looking for in a whim. Give it a try.

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6. Match your body shape

White graduation dresses come in all sizes and various shapes. It’s important to know where your ‘problem’ areas are and which shape your body represents in order to make the correct purchasing choice.


Different body shapes include:

  • Hourglass – Small waist, larger breast and hip measurements.
  • Apple – Wider shoulder measurements than hips.
  • Pear - Wider hips than breasts.
  • Banana – All measurements are pretty much in proportion.

7. Opt for the correct shade

As previously explained, there are various shades of white. Some whites may work better for some than they do for others. Depending on your skin tone, a diamond white may allow your face to glow or it can completely wash you out. Paler skin tones tend to match ivory much better than a sharp, plain white; whereas darker skin tones will completely lose their beauty with softer whites. Choose well and be the bell of graduation day!

8. Pick the correct shoes

It’s near impossible to choose the correct white graduation dress without having an idea of which shoes you’d like to wear. If you’re going for comfort and your dress allows for it, go with pretty pumps. However, if you want to create more of a sexy look and show off your long, lean legs, why not opt for an exquisite heel? It’s important to choose your shoes well as you’ll be wearing them, hopefully, during the entire event. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable from the get-go.

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Remember, graduation is a once in a lifetime experience; hopefully. It’s a time in your life that needs to be celebrated by shopping for the perfect white graduation dress and everything else that your little heart desires. Celebrate this milestone in your life and make plenty of memories along the way. You’ve earned it!

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