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January 16, 2017 4 min read

winter fashionWinter is a time for cozying up and wearing anything and everything fluffy; revealing a different side to your wardrobe. However, it’s extremely easy to fall into the dull winter fashion trap where everything you decide to wear resembles some form of gray. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can look absolutely gorgeous and comfortable by adding a few winter essentials to your already-established wardrobe.

Remember, you can find affordable fashion ideas online without blowing your tight January budget; giving your winter wardrobe a bit of a make-over. So, regardless of your age, always ensure you have the following 10 fashion items in your wardrobe at all times; especially during the cold winter months.

  1. Pattern scarves

Not only will a scarf keep your neck and ears warm when venturing out on the town, it’ll also spruce up your outfit to turn an ordinary look into something to remember. Pattern scarves, however, are a particular must-have if you want to draw the attention to your upper body and face and away from any unwanted lower body curves. It’s a great way to add a little bit of color to your face; especially if matched with a desired lip color.


  1. Cozy beanies

Available in an array of colors and styles, beanies not only keep your head warm but offer excellent outfit toppers; so to speak. By wearing your hair stylishly to the one side, you can pair your beanie with your favorite pair of jeans as well as a matching scarf. You can either choose a beanie with a bunny tail at the top; offering a bit of a cute factor. Alternatively, beanies without bunny tails are just as effective if you want to appear a little bit more grown-up. The choice remains yours!


  1. Soft comfy sweaters

There’s simply no way you can go through winter without adding a soft comfy sweater or two to your wardrobe. It’s an absolute must-have for any woman; whether you’re in your early 20’s or making your way towards 50. It offers the ultimate comfort factor without looking like it. Paired with your favorite pair of jeans and stylish boots, you’re well on your way to comfort and fun.


  1. Utility jackets

As a more hip alternative to a formal coat, utility jackets are great for running to the store quickly or enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. Available in an array of colors and styles, every woman should own at least one utility jacket this season. By reeling you in by the waist, you appear smaller than you most likely are; evening out your upper and lower body. Give it a try!


  1. Over the knee boots

Who can say no to a pair of fashionable over the knee boots? Not only offering you the coverage that you need, OTK boots are great for pairing with your favorite skirt and stockings. Alternatively, you can also add a pair of skinny jeans to your boots to create long, lean legs. Either way, OTK boots are essential to every woman’s closet this winter!


  1. Fashion-forward vests

Feeling a little bit cold but not cold enough to go all out with a full jacket? Why not try a fashion-forward vest? Available in various colors, styles, and shapes, vests add that extra little bit of comfort and joy to a cold, winter season. Whether you’re planning a shopping spree with your girlfriends or plan on enjoying the outdoors, vests make winter seem like a breeze.


  1. Suede leggings

Of course, any type of leggings will do, but you simply can’t pass up the opportunity to wear suede leggings with ankle boots and matching blouse. Apart from the fact that they keep your pretty legs warm all day long, they also offer the added style factor to your overall outfit. Available in an array of colors, suede leggings should be added to your wardrobe immediately!

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  1. Suede skirts

We simply can’t leave suede alone this winter by adding suede skirts to the mix. Depending on your personal preference, we offer an array of various styles in our online boutique to match every personality. Whether you prefer buttons to the side or in the front, our range of suede and pleather skirts will make you the talk of the town.


  1. Sexy skinny jeans

The days of wearing jeans for the sake of only putting on something that’s comfortable are over. Jeans, in particular, have been around for many years. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t contour your body and accentuate all the right spots on your body; which is where adding a pair or two of skinny jeans to your closet is highly important. Available in various colors, you can have one of each!


  1. Fluffy faux fur

No wardrobe is complete without a little bit of faux fur. Remember, everything in moderation; especially when it comes to this particular piece of material. Whether you choose to wear it as a vest or a fluffy scarf, you need to ensure that it matches the rest of your outfit. Think of it as a piece of accessory that’s added to accentuate your overall look. Always choose faux fur instead of the real thing and read the washing instructions carefully. You won’t regret the purchase!

Looking bright and bubbly during the cold winter months can easily be achieved simply by adding the above-mentioned fashion items to an existing wardrobe. Without blowing the budget, you never have to worry about looking the same day in and day out. You definitely never have to worry about blending in with the crowd. Most importantly, you don’t have to let go of your personality simply because of a change in the seasons. Let the seasons keep up with you by finding affordable winter fashion items online this January.


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