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August 17, 2017 4 min read

online clothing boutiqueHow often do you decide to wear the first thing you find in your closet? As a woman, it can get quite tiring to be girlie or feminine. Sometimes, you just want to put your hair in a bun, pull out the biggest hoodie you can find to hide your bloatedness, and wear the oldest, most comfortable shoes you’ve had for years. Very few of us actually to go out in public like that, but we don’t exactly make too much of an effort to avoid that scene.

With so many styling options and colors to choose from, an endless supply of heels, and fashion ideas for days found on Instagram or Pinterest, it’s quite a shame that we don’t put in as much effort as we possibly can on a daily basis to look our best.

Throw out your laziness and embrace your femininity by taking into consideration the following 7 reasons why you should make a styling effort:

1. Because your life is way too short

There’s no time to waste on bad clothes! Life is way too short to wear your second-best and keep the quality garments for special occasions. Instead, why not wear your absolute best each day? Throw away your worn out panties, donate your old shoes, get rid of your oversized jersey simply because you deserve fashion items that fit properly. Remember to embrace each day and make the most out of life.

2. Because you never know who you’ll run into

Isn’t it funny how you always bump into those individuals you least want to when you look your absolute worst? Going out to buy bread in a hurry is a really bad idea if you’re dressed in your old work clothes. It’s extremely important to always wear your best because you simply don’t know who you’ll run into the next time you’re out on the town.

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3. Because you can never be too prepared for a surprise meeting

Sometimes, clients can only meet you at a certain time and that time is now. The last thing you want is to give a bad impression of who you are simply because you didn’t think you’d leave your desk today. Always be prepared for surprise meetings by ensuring that you dress well each day. It could mean the difference between you getting the deal of someone else getting the promotion.

4. Because you’ll feel more confident

Confidence should come from within however, it is true that when you look good, you also feel amazing. The question is: why shouldn’t you feel amazing? You deserve to feel great on a daily basis, regardless of where you decide to go. Whether you have an important meeting or you’re on your way to the grocery store, you should definitely turn heads wherever you go!

5. Because you owe it to yourself

If you don’t dress well on a daily basis, no one else will make you. You owe it to yourself to make a styling effort; regardless of how big or even small. Every little bit helps. If it makes you feel uncomfortable for individuals to start noticing you, start with small changes. You’ll get used to it and eventually love the attention. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

6. Because you might meet Right

Of course, that shouldn’t be the main reason why you should make a styling effort on a daily basis, but it definitely comes into play if you’re single. Most of us want to get married and start a family, but you’d need to meet Mr. Right first in order to avoid walking down the aisle to nothing. So, before you decide to wear the first thing you see in your closet, think about how you’d like to be seen by Mr. Right first.

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7. Because you should show off your best assets

We all have good and bad angles. We all have cellulite and perhaps a few extra pounds here and there that we’re not particularly fond of. However, we all have assets that should be displayed in a discreet way of course. Stop hiding your curves by dressing in clothes that fit your body shape and skin tone. Dress well, because you deserve to show off your best assets!

8. Because you should set an example

If you’re a mother, grandmother, older sibling, aunt, best friend, or even a neighbor, and you have someone that looks up to you in some way, it’s absolutely your duty to set a positive example. Magazines tend to leave a lasting impression in young minds; offering the worst advice on how to look beautiful. Making a styling effort doesn’t mean that you’re creating something that isn’t there, it simply means that you’re using what you already have to create a positive body image. Set a good example for those around you by taking care of yourself and your fashion choices.

Dressing to impress isn’t something you do for others, it’s for the sake of yourself. You deserve to look your best at all times – even if that means that you have to spend an extra 10 minutes each day to round off the edges.

In order to find the best fashion choices for your wardrobe, have a look at our online clothing boutique for affordable options. Remember, you are what you wear, so be the best person you can possibly be.


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