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How To Measure

How To Measure For Online Shopping

sizing for boutique shopping

So when you are in need of a little retail therapy and you just don't have the time to be running all around town to your favorite boutiques, you can get that needed boost by shopping at your favorite online boutique. We are all soooo busy these days and when we get some time to shop online, we need to make sure it is the most positive and rewarding time spent. #amiright

We have a few tips on how to measure so, you won't have to be dealing with those dreaded returns for items that just didn't fit. 


We tell you how an item fits and all the important details in the *** Product Details*** tab. This is worth $$$$ to you! Always read our product details it is +++ EVERY THING YOU NEED TO KNOW+++ Here you get even more than just the measurements, we tell you if the garment has stretch, cut small, is roomy, if it fits true to size, if the fabric is sheer, if the fabric is textured, smooth, ribbed, super soft, thick, thin. Literally all the things about a garment you really want to know and care about. If you do not read these details, you are making a HUGE MISTAKE. 

We also have started to tell you if a garment is cut for the "contemporary" cut, this is for the younger customer, these items will not have a lot of room in the shoulders, arms and bust. These items are generally shorter in length.

If a garment is described as "women's" cut, it will have the room in shoulders and arms and shouldn't be form fitting. These items will be a longer length for those that don't want to dress younger. 

 Measuring Tips 

1. How do you want your item to fit? Consider this when you are ordering a dress. Is the dress you are ordering is supposed to be loose fitting, or is it supposed to fit tightly. Measure your body and add for the loosness you want to achieve.

2. Make sure you measure around the fullest part of your body to ensure you understand give some allowance the amount of room you want to have. 

3. Always consider if the garment's fabric is woven (no stretch) or is the fabric knit (with stretch)? If it is woven and has no stretch, always consider that when measuring you body to compare it against how much room you want to have while wearing the garment.