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Retail Store

We know you love shopping on-the-go with Lotus online boutique, but we also understand that  shopping  with the girls is the best way to pump up and get some retail therapy. It is easy at our beautiful retail store. After a tough week at work or school a shopping  To give you the fix when you want to walk in and try on the clothing we have a cute shop at the Lotus Boutique in the beautiful Mobile Alabama. 

Get your new women's boutique clothing at the best of the best Lotus Boutique. Because of social media, styles change quickly, and with styles emerging on the daily, it is important to stay on point with your fashion choices and purchases. When you need a source you can trust about online boutiques, now you don't have to worry! We have that same level of customer service as we do in the retail store as we do online. You can count on Lotus Boutique to house the top looks and styles you are looking for in  women's boutique clothing and fashion at affordable prices. It doesn't matter what you are   looking for tops, skorts, jeans, tops, rompers, jumpsuits, booties, sandals, and more, Lotus Boutique stands out and will have your look on point and watch out because you are not going to know what to think when you are suddenly getting more attention than ever.  You work hard for your money so we are always here to please with excellent customer service. 

Here, you can hang out with us with your tribe to try on clothing and check out our newest accessories. Whether you need a whole new outfit or shopping for a gift item for a friend or family member. Here you can complete your look in a more personal and social way, Lotus Boutique has an amazing selection of all the things you are looking for. We have it all!  Clothing, purses, jewelry, and so much more. Our beautiful and perfect clothing boutique in Mobile, Alabama has great comfy couches, great lighting and beautiful fitting rooms with big areas — we have the perfect place to take Instagram selfies. 

This location is so close to the most beautiful beaches in the entire USA. We have customers visit from Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana each and every week. 

Stop in today and meet our #lotusloves and let our team be your personal stylist and give you that look you have been wanting to try.